Disneyland Shanghai opens, the first park in the world of this type to do so

Disneyland Shanghai opened its doors to visitors again today and became the first US company park to resume business worldwide after more than three months closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The opening of the Chinese financial capital park will pave the way for the other Disney facilities in France, the United States and Asia, which remain closed due to the virus.

The Shanghai theme park has reopened with a capacity limited to 30 percent of its daily capacity set by the Chinese Government and with security measures such as maintaining physical distance, the mandatory use of face masks and temperature controls for visitors and employees. .

Tickets put on sale online last Friday, priced at 56 euros per person per day, sold out within a few hours.

Yellow bands have been painted on the accesses to maintain the distance between visitors in the queues to enter the park, which has also increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the facilities.

In a statement, Disney noted that "new measures and procedures would be established, including opening with limited assistance" and "social distancing in lines, restaurants, strollers and other park facilities."

Shanghai Disney Resort President and CEO Joe Schott said in the note that "when the time is right," other company parks "will be able to welcome guests again."

Schott told reporters today that he hopes the reopening "will serve as a beacon throughout the world and that it will give people hope and inspiration."

In the images released today by the Chinese media, dozens of visitors can be seen walking through the park while employees wave at the newcomers.

Last week Disney announced that its profits fell 91 percent in the last quarter due to the pandemic, which meant a reduction of pre-tax profits of 1,400 million dollars (1,290 million euros).

The Disney Park in Shanghai, like the one in Hong Kong, closed on January 25, two days after China closed the city of Wuhan and put millions of people in isolation to try to contain the spread of the virus.

The one in Tokyo also closed in February and the ones in Europe and the United States closed in March.

China has opened museums and tourist attractions such as the Forbidden City in Beijing in recent days, but still keeps other entertainment venues closed, such as movie theaters or popular karaokes.


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