Disney + shows trailer for 'Welcome to Earth', Will Smith's documentary series

Disney + will premiere next December 'Welcome to Earth', the National Geographic documentary series that shows the trip of Will Smith worldwide.

The actor will explore the most extraordinary wonders of the Earth and reveal its most hidden secrets in this production that consists of six episodes.

Guided by elite explorers, Will Smith sets out on an extraordinary journey to get up close and personal with some of the most exciting shows on the planet in 'Welcome to Earth'.

The series features the participation of marine biologist and explorer Diva Amon, polar expeditionist Dwayne Fields, engineer and explorer Albert Lin, photographer Cristina Mittermeier and mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer.

'Welcome to Earth' is a Nutopia, Protozoa Pictures and Westbrook Studios production for National Geographic. The music for the series is composed by Daniel Pemberton ('The Chicago 7 trial').


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