October 19, 2020

Disney postpones ‘Mulan’ releases and ‘Avatar’ aftermath due to coronavirus

Disney has officially confirmed that it will postpone its major major releases due to the coronavirus. This means that the live action of Mulan runs out of release date and upcoming saga movies like Avatar and Star wars they won’t arrive until 2022 and 2023, respectively.

The de-escalation in theaters: no premieres in all of Spain until the theaters in Barcelona and Madrid reopen?

The de-escalation in theaters: no premieres in all of Spain until the theaters in Barcelona and Madrid reopen?

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“In recent months it has become clear that nothing can be set in stone when it comes to how we release movies during this global health crisis, and that means pausing our release plans for Mulan“The entertainment giant admits in a statement.

It is the fourth time that the premiere of this film has been postponed, scheduled initially for March, then for July and then for August 21, a day that now seems impossible especially after the outbreaks in the United States. When and how will these be released? In its statement, Disney explained that it is “evaluating how to bring this film to audiences around the world in the most effective way.”

We will not return to Pandora until 2022

The entire industry is experiencing a time of turbulent change. The release dates of movies already shot constantly move, as is the case of Tenet, by Christopher Nolan or The French Disptach by Wes Anderson, highly anticipated and now indefinitely postponed tapes. But there are also shootings that the coronavirus has prevented from meeting the expected deadlines. This is the case of the aftermath of Avatarby James Cameron.

“There is no one more disappointed by this delay than me,” Cameron said in a statement. His saga was going to give continuity to what is, right now, the third highest grossing film in history without adjusting inflation according to data from the Boz Office Mojo. One of Disney’s big bets, which acquired the franchise when it bought 21st Century Fox in March 2019.

The coronavirus has also paralyzed other filming to the point that Disney has postponed the release of franchises of great value to the industry for a full year. So things Avatar, originally released in 2009, will not have a sequel until the end of 2022. And foreseeably there will be a third installment in 2024. But also, the return of Star wars to the big screen after the end of the original saga will be delayed until Christmas 2023, when a new trilogy will be released.

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