March 6, 2021

Disney now announces that it does not film the film of the Marvel saga in Tenerife – La Provincia

Disney will not film, finally, the film of the Marvel saga in Tenerife for incompatibility of the script with the regulations governing the conservation of the Teide National Park.

The Regional Minister of Land Planning, Historical Heritage and Tourism, José Gregorio Martín Plata, states that "the producers must know in advance the conservation rules and, if there is any incompatibility, they will try to find the solution before announcing shoot some. "

The Cabildo de Tenerife announced this Friday that it will supervise each of the shootings that are intended to be carried out, from now on, on the Island. The objective is to "know in advance what you want to film, where and with what means". It is the measure that exposes the Minister of Planning of the Territory, Historical Heritage and Tourism, José Gregorio Martín Plata, after knowing by the Disney producer that the Island will not be, finally, the scene of the next film in the Marvel saga.

Martín Plata explains that the request of the producer arrived at the request, directly, of the Teide National Park on July 3, before the change of insular government took place; "That being the usual procedure so far, of which we had knowledge in the meeting held with Disney on August 2".

However, the advisor clarifies that "that should not be the way to manage such an important attraction for the Island as the use of its sites as a natural set for any type of production, film, documentary or series." "It is essential -safe- to establish a protocol so that the producers know, in advance, what can be filmed, how and with what elements ", to avoid taking an erroneous image of the importance of filming for the Island.

The counselor explains that when the project was analyzed by the National Park "the shooting was unfeasible, in principle, by the regulations governing the protection of all national parks at the state level." Hence, the producer decided to abandon the idea of ​​filming on the Island. However, Martín Plata makes it clear that since he learned about the contradictions between the conditions demanded by the filming of the blockbuster – with the use of a drone – and the regulations – on the same day, August 2 -, "we sought in every possible way the so that it could be filmed here; the formula was achieved and we made it known to Disney. "

"However, it was already late, "he laments. And when he let the producer know, it had already changed the script, and the scenarios of Teide National Park no longer appeared on the storyboard – the storyboard – of the film." . "Tenerife has countless places to be set for any film production or television series," insists the Insular advisor. "However, from now on there will be a more rigorous follow-up and, therefore, a closer dialogue with the producers that intend to shoot in Tenerife", so that "neither they are disappointed, nor are there any misunderstandings that can influence the promotion of the Island as an international set ".

The advisor acknowledges that it would have been an attractive "immense to have superstars like the ones Disney would bring in Tenerife, but we have to be aware of the wonders we have, and that the Teide National Park is not a World Heritage Site simply because it is beautiful, but because it has established conservation patterns. "

Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden and Salma Hayek

Los Eternos, one of the great productions of Marvel's Phase 4, is scheduled to be shot in the Canary Islands this fall. The film, starring Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden – Rob Stark in Game of Thrones -, Salma Hayek and Kumail Nanjiani, initially agreed that it would be filmed in different places in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Tenerife and would be released in November 2020 .

Angel Víctor Torres himself, president of the Canary Islands Government, met at the end of July with two Disney producers – a company that owns the cinematographic rights of the Marvel universe – to close the landing of Hollywood production in the Islands, a story He advanced THE DAY on June 29.

"Kevin de la Noy, who has been producer of films like Batman or Gladiator, and Karl McMilan," Torres explained then, "we have moved the firm will to shoot in the Canary Islands a production that will be the most important ever filmed in the Archipelago and the largest that will host Europe in 2019"Although the regional president did not want to reveal details of the film, he did admit that the film belongs to one of the stories of Marvel. Torres stressed that hosting a shoot of this type in the Canary Islands is an" undoubtedly tourist claim and leaves a lot of income. Some studies estimate that they can leave up to 13 million euros. " The president of the Canary Islands Government stressed that there is an "important relief but leaves more income than what is deducted."

Currently these tax incentives for the production of films in the Canary Islands are included in its Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF), which includes a 40 percent deduction for international productions.

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