August 5, 2021

Disney launches new campaign to promote aspirations of girls around the world

Disney launches new campaign to promote aspirations of girls around the world

Facing the International Day of the Girl, which is celebrated this Thursday, Disney today launched a new campaign that aims to promote the aspirations of girls around the world.

Titled "Dream Big Princess", the initiative unveils the story of 20 exemplary women from the world of technology, medicine, law, sports, the arts, science, fashion and politics to show the next generation what can be achieved when you have big dreams.

This is a video series produced and directed by young women from Girl Up of the United Nations Foundation in which inspiring messages and messages are given to girls so that the next generation of young leaders can achieve success across the planet .

"Having big dreams is one of the most important things that any of us can do – to continue to aspire to something better," Kathleen Kennedy, a prominent Hollywood film producer and president of Lucasfilm, who is involved in the project, said in a statement.

In addition to inspiring, the Disney campaign will donate funds to the Girl Up organization, one dollar for each "like" or each time a video or photograph is shared with the hashtag #DreamBigPrincess on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The charitable project, which will donate a minimum of 500,000 dollars and a maximum of one million dollars, starts today and will continue until November 20 next.

The audiovisual series consists of digital shorts directed by 21 young people from 13 countries who interview women of the stature of Asmaa Boujibar, the first Moroccan woman in history to join the NASA Johnson Space Center, or María Teresa Ruiz, the first woman in studying astronomy at the University of Chile.

They join the cast Susan Prescott, vice president of product marketing at Apple; Celina Caesar-Chavannes, member of the Canadian Parliament, and Virginie Delalande, the first person with deafness to become a lawyer in France.

In addition, public figures such as the British actress Emily Blunt, or Robin Roberts, host of Good Morning America on ABC television.

"The #DreamBigPrincess series documents a wide range of inspiring stories and diverse experiences, but the common message is clear," says Zenia Mucha, senior executive vice president of communications for The Walt Disney Company.

"Having a big dream is the first step on the road to success, and the positive referents are critical to help you continue that journey," he adds.

The aspiring filmmaker embarked on their respective creative journeys in July, and received advice from Disney, Apple and the company led by women Summerjax, before the series debut.


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