April 14, 2021

Disney Cruise Cancels Docking in San Juan for Passenger Concern

The Disney Fantasy cruise ship has canceled its berthing in San Juan because of the "concern" of its passengers in relation to the news about the demonstrations that were taking place on the island to request the resignation of the governor, Ricardo Rosselló.

In a statement, the executive director of the Tourism Company, Carla Campos, announced that she was informed by Jeff Vahle, president of Disney Cruise Line.

The ship planned to make a "transit stop" and the decision was taken given the "concern of its passengers based on recent news of the demonstrations on the island during the past few days," Campos said.

From the Tourism Company "we have notified you that the protests have ceased and that since July 16, eight vessels and 30,000 cruise ships have been received on the island, reporting an excellent experience in San Juan."

Also, "I was emphatic in expressing that we understand that the decision is rushed, especially when we have offered support and alternatives for docking."

Until last Wednesday and for twelve days in a row protests have been held to request the resignation of Rosselló for his participation, along with members of his team, in a private chat in which they insulted, criticized and made fun of politicians, artists, LBTG collective and journalists, among others.

Rosselló resigned this July 24.

During the past few days "we have maintained constant communication with the cruise lines and the Florida and Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), informing them of the progress and assuring them that Puerto Rico is a safe travel destination."

Similarly, "we have made ourselves available to meet all your needs and ensure passengers on board have an unparalleled experience at the port."

"Despite these and other efforts directed by the Tourism Company, Disney notified that the line has already informed its passengers of this change and that they are unable to reverse that decision," he added.

Finally, he warned that the cruise line "reiterates its commitment" to Puerto Rico and has "eight scheduled stops until the end of 2020, five of them being base port operations that depart from San Juan."

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