March 7, 2021

Disney accumulates 36.1% of the box office in the United States in the first half of the year

Disney has demonstrated its good state of form by "annihilating" its rivals in the field of distribution: the company has accumulated 36.1% of box office revenues in the United States in the first half of the year, achieving something more than two billion dollars (2,000,025,900, specifically). Far is the second place on the list, where it is located Warner Bros., who have managed to amass the 15.3% of the total collection (859 million dollars); Y Universal, bronze on the podium, add the 14.1% of the global (with 792 million dollars).

The most striking thing about this success is that it has been achieved only with six ribbons: "Captain Marvel" (427 million dollars in the US), "Dumbo" (114.5 million dollars), "Penguins" ($ 7.7 million), "Aladdin" ($ 308 million), "Avengers: Endgame" (843 million dollars) and "Toy Story 4" (247 million dollars). As if that were not enough, the company has three films left to debut this year, and none looks like it will be left behind in terms of revenue: in July, the real-life film arrives. "The Lion King", in November the sequel to "Frozen" and in December the ninth episode of the saga "Star Wars", "The rise of Skywalker".

From the list we can highlight a curious aspect: Fox, a company that has always been known for distributing feature-length films and for being among the most distinguished names in the guild, is in seventh place with a 4.2% of the total box office and a collection of 244 million dollars. The reason is because Disney acquired the rights of the company and all its premieres have been released under its umbrella: for the moment, Fox has only premiered "Dark Phoenix", but in September he will land "Stuber", a new film that includes in his I cast Dave Batista, Drax in "The Guardians of the Galaxy".


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