Dismissed the technician who awarded the contract to the Ayuso hotel company for “error”

The Government Council of the Community of Madrid has dismissed this Wednesday the technical general secretary of the Ministry of Social Policies, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, for the “regrettable human error” of awarding a contract to the Room Mate hotel chain, in one of whose Apartahotels have been hosted since last March 16 by President Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

After the Council meeting, the regional vice president Ignacio Aguado explained that the investigation into this matter – announced by Díaz Ayuso in the Assembly last Thursday – has already been completed and there is a report on the table, where what happened is discussed and He concludes that it was “an unfortunate human error”, which has also led to the resignation of the head of the team of officials who were working in that Ministry.

Aguado has indicated that, as a consequence of the investigation, Jiménez assumed his responsibility and presented his letter of resignation, which is formally and legally articulated as a dismissal at his own request, which today has been transferred to the Governing Council and which has not generated “any type of discrepancy. “

The executive spokesman has also concluded the investigation with “the assumption of the appropriate responsibilities by this technical secretary general who was ultimately responsible for the team of officials who had access to the Recruitment Portal.”

Last Thursday, May 14, sources from the Ministry of Social Policies reported that counselor Alberto Reyero (Citizens) had dismissed the technical secretary general of the Department, but later PP sources indicated that the termination of any position in the Community of Madrid it had to go through the Governing Council and ultimately depended on the regional president.

According to Vanity Fair magazine, Ayuso has been installed since March 16 in a luxury aparthotel in the capital, owned by businessman Kike Sarasola, president of Room Mate.

This hotel chain has ceded to the Community of Madrid its six hotels in the capital during the pandemic, four for health personnel and another two for elderly people without coronavirus.

Of the two hotels for the elderly, only one has been started, on which the Community Policy Council of Madrid signed a contract in which the Coordinator of the Third Sector, in charge of providing social and health services, is awarded the contract. .

However, in the Community of Madrid Contracting Portal, it came to appear as the winner of the Room Mate contract for an amount of 565,749.58 euros with VAT included, which, according to sources from the Ministry of Social Policies, occurred due to “error “

Subsequently, the contracting portal changed the name of the successful bidder to that of the Coordinator of the Third Sector of the Community of Madrid and reduced the amount to 240,443.57 euros including VAT.

The signed contract, dated April 16, amounts to 157,393.47 euros for the total cost of the service, an amount less than the initial estimate of 240,443.57 made by the Ministry, which justifies this difference in the need to make “a withholding credit “in an emergency situation.


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