Dismantled part of the Latin gang 'Blood' in Spain

Dismantled part of the Latin gang 'Blood' in Spain

Image of one of the detainees.

The seven minors arrested were trying to gain control of crime in the central area of ​​the country

JML Toledo

Another blow by the security forces to the Latin gangs, although lately these groups are made up of criminals not only of Latin origin but also Romanian or North African. In this case, it has been the Civil Guard that has managed to dismantle a branch of the violent youth gang 'Blood' that was trying to gain control of extortion and crime in towns in the north of the province of Toledo and in the south of the Community of Madrid.

The operation has resulted in the arrest of seven minors as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of extortion and belonging to a criminal group. The investigations began months ago as a result of several altercations carried out by a group of young people who had caused great social alarm among the inhabitants of various towns in the north of Toledo. Crimes such as robberies, threats and injuries were attributed to this gang and they tried to intimidate certain sectors of the population, especially young people.

According to the Civil Guard, it is an organized group, with a strong hierarchy and where each of its members had a defined function. Like other violent youth gangs, most of its members were minors who are often induced to leave their family homes and commit illicit activities as a means of financing the gang.

With this operation, a branch of the 'Blood' is dismantled, which, in addition to meaning 'blood' in English, is an acronym for 'Brotherly Love Overcomes Oppression and Destruction' (Brotherly love overcomes oppression and destruction). A gang that emerged in 1972 in the American city of Los Angeles that was dedicated to drug trafficking, extortion, murder, robbery and pimping and that decades later spread throughout Europe.

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