Dismantled a prostitute network of transsexuals in dating floors in Madrid and San Sebastián

Through a statement, the National Police has reported the arrest of two people in Madrid and San Sebastián. Likewise, two other people have been released during a search at a home in Madrid that had just been captured in Colombia and were prepared to be sexually exploited.

In addition, four victims of this prostitution network have been identified and abundant documentation proving the payment of the debt that the victims had contracted with the organization, as well as identity documents of the victims, laptops and mobile phones.

The investigations began in Plasencia (Cáceres) after the denunciation of one of the victims, who claimed to have been captured in Colombia under the false promise of obtaining a job in Spain with which he intended to cover the expenses of a relative's illness.

Along these lines, the complainant stated that upon arriving in Spain, a debt of 8,000 euros was required, which she had to pay for prostitution for the organization.

However, the woman has remarked that she was advertised on adult contact pages and forced to move through several provinces to prostitute herself "under duress and threats" to her and her family.

The investigations have allowed us to obtain evidence that identifies the members of the network. Thus, it has been clarified that three of them operated in Spain and carried out tasks of transfer, accommodation, threat, publicity and control of the victims to obtain benefits.


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