Dismantled a gang dedicated to importing, manufacturing and distributing anabolics

Dismantled a gang dedicated to importing, manufacturing and distributing anabolics

In a joint operation between the National Police and the Civil Guard, a criminal organization dedicated to the large-scale import, manufacture and distribution of Sarms (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators), drugs with anabolic effects, has been dismantled.

As reported this Saturday by the Ministry of the Interior, illegal drugs sand offered through a website and social networkswhere different profiles of personal trainers and bodybuilders actively promoted their consumption under the premise of improving physical or sports capacities.

The agents They arrested five people and carried out six searches in the provinces of Castellón, Granada and Madrid, as a result of which 10,000 drippers with Sarms ready for distribution were seized, as well as numerous materials used for their manufacture, packaging and shipping, and 30,000 euros in cash.

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The criminal organization imported the medicines from third countries in powder form to later prepare and distribute them in a liquid state inside dropper format containers.

To do this, they used the collaboration of a laboratory, located in the province of Granada, where they mixed the product with the necessary excipients that made it suitable for consumption. In addition, the first phase of drug conditioning was carried out in the laboratory; that is, the packaging in dropper bottles, the placement of the corresponding label and its introduction in the boxes with the format designed by the client.

Once the drippers were prepared, those investigated sent them to logistics companies where they were in charge of the final preparation of the packages for shipment to the recipients located on the peninsula, the Canary Islands and different countries of the European Union.