May 17, 2021

Dismantled a band dedicated to arms trafficking

Dismantled a band dedicated to arms trafficking

The Civil Guard, in the framework of the operation "Ablatus Armis", has proceeded to the arrest of 22 people belonging to a criminal organization dedicated to the theft of firearms, mainly in villas and cottages in the province of Seville, for introduce them later in the illicit marking related to drug trafficking and tobacco smuggling.

In the operation 21 home searches were made, where 10 long firearms, 1 shotgun, and 4 short weapons, two of blank and two reals, were found, some of them ready to be fired. In addition, money and jewelry worth 70,000 euros, 50 mobile phones, 3 high-end vehicles and a large number of stolen items have been seized.

680 grams of high-purity cocaine, 150 grams of uncut heroin, 3.1 kilograms of cutting substance such as lidocaine and caffeine, 18 kilograms of contraband tobacco, 2.9 kilograms of hashish, precision scales and tools have also been used. for the manufacture of drugs.

Likewise, it has been possible to clarify 11 robberies with force in chalets and cottages committed in the regions of the Vega del Guadalquivir and Sierra Norte de Sevilla. The operation began, when the Civil Guard detected several robberies committed in villas and country houses in Seville where they stole the firearms that were inside.

Continuing with the investigations, the agents were able to identify a group of people who could be committing to commit these robberies, for which a monitoring and control device was established on these persons, resulting in the identification of those responsible. In addition, the agents were able to find out that the aforementioned criminal organization could be engaged in the illegal sale of the stolen weapons, weapons that had their final destination the illicit marking. since they ended up in the hands of drug traffickers of heroin and cocaine throughout the province of Seville, in order to guard the homes used as warehouses and drug outlets.

Continuing with the operation, the Civil Guard He focused his research on the "Clan del Peto" based in the Sevillian town of Burguillos, since the clan exercised its criminal activity in a perfectly hierarchical and structured way, where even the clan chief himself called himself "the boss" among his subordinates. This clan provided large quantities of drugs to small traffickers in the province.

It should be noted that the investigation has been hampered due to the fact that the detainees had strong security measures, such as the installation of state-of-the-art video surveillance cameras, cameras that were viewed 24 hours a day from a command center located in one of the Clan dwellings, from where a group of "aguadores" was also coordinated with the function of notifying the presence of the Civil Guard.

In addition, the houses of the clan had armored doors, also called "antiocupas", as well as people linked to the organization, whose function was to provide telephone cards on behalf of people of foreign nationalities or even already deceased in order to hinder the investigation.

The operation was carried out by the Roca de la Rinconada Team, the Rural Security Group No. 2, the Citizen Security Unit of the Commandery of Seville, canine guides, a Corps helicopter, and citizen security personnel of the Company of the Rinconada (Seville). The operation has been directed by the court of Cazalla (Seville), where the cause is instructed.


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