Dismantle a gang that sexually exploited women in Barcelona

Dismantle a gang that sexually exploited women in Barcelona

The Mossos d'Esquadra have dismantled a criminal group formed by four people from the same family who sexually exploited Venezuelan women in Barcelona, ​​after making a false job offer in the Catalan capital. As reported by the Generalitat Police today, the four detainees are a woman and three men, between 25 and 62 years old, also of Venezuelan nationality, who are considered authors of the sexual exploitation of five girls, who in their country They found themselves in a difficult economic and personal situation.

In the arrest, which took place on January 14, agents of the Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) of the Metropolitan Police District of Barcelona and members of the Barcelona Urban Police participated, and the four arrested have been accused of the crimes traffic of human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The facts go back to August 2018, when the Mossos were aware that a family of Venezuelans was catching girls in their country of origin with false job offers in order to exploit them sexually in the Catalan capital and found that they had convinced five of them they.

For this, one of the members of the group chose the victims in their country, among women of precarious economic and social situation, and offered them a job offer as masseurs. Once the girls arrived in Barcelona, ​​the members of the group took them to their homes, where they took their passports and deprived them of freedom of movement. They were also informed that, to cover travel and accommodation expenses, they had to pay 12,000 euros within a maximum period of three months.

Faced with these constraints, women were forced to engage in prostitution to pay off the debt, sometimes in days of continuous 16 hours. If the women became ill and could not work or expressed that they wanted to stop prostitution, the group threatened them with the publication of photos committed to social networks and with which their families would have knowledge of the activity they were doing in Barcelona.

On January 14, the Mossos and the Barcelona Urban Guard conducted an operation that allowed the arrest of the four members of the gang and the release of the girls in the homes that the group had in the district of Nou Barris. After passing at the disposal of the Court number 26 of Barcelona, ​​the judge decreed the entry into prison of two of the men who made up the group and freedom with charges for the woman and the third man arrested. The five victims were treated by the Municipal Unit against Trafficking of Human Beings of the Barcelona City Council.



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