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Darren Aronofsky, who is the producer of the Brazilian film Pacified, He has turned to the promotion of a story and a way of narrating that is in the antipodes of the cinema he has directed, always so murky, symbolic, purportedly terrifying, bleak. But the trust in the creature he has funded has not been sterile, since he has been blessed with the Golden Shell. A surprising and excessive prize. Pacified, directed by Paxton Winters, is only correct, visible and audible, but immediately forgettable. Set in the favelas During the celebration of the Olympic Games, controlled by drug traffickers who have agreed with the police to maintain a certain order in the event of such a momentous event, the film tells the return to them after a long period in the jail of which he was his boss, as well as He showed the new power that this legendary man intends to regain the throne and the complicated relationship he establishes with a teenager who could be his daughter. Shot flat, without gloating in that ancestral violent environment, conveys little feeling. The jury must have found a virtue and an art that escapes me.

If the great victim has art, anguish, depth, expressive grip and complexity The infinite trench. The lion's share has been unfairly escaped and he has received the comfort of being awarded his address and his script. LThey have shot three people, Aitor Arregui, Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Goneaga, something unusual not only in Spanish cinematography, but in the world. And it is clear that they understand each other very well by sharing authorship. It is the film that has impressed me the most (and terrified) in a prodigal official section in fainting. He tells the 33 years of hiding hidden in his house of a loser of the Spanish Civil War. The anxiety, fear, despair, understandable acrimony of this mole and the heroic resignation of his wife are exemplary. Also that so little rational feeling that sometimes the survival instinct prevails in the most frightening situations, in the endless claustrophobia. It is a film with atmosphere, restless, as well directed as interpreted.

The Special Jury Prize for the French film is reasonable Next, Transparently feminist vindication in telling the crisis of a female astronaut who must alternate her trades with the care towards her little daughter. The award for female interpretation has been shared by the very elegant German actress Nina Hoss, making a deeply unbalanced violinist in The audition already Greta Fernandez, protagonist of The daughter of a thief. This young actress demonstrates a remarkable energy, hardness, helplessness and determination, giving life to a survivor who seeks life and that of her baby working in precarious jobs. Also to the twisted and pathetic relationship with the undesirable character that is his father, a grayish and amoral hustler. I have seen remarkable masculine interpretations like those of Karra Elejalde and Eduard Fernández in While the war lasts or that of Antonio de la Torre in The infinite trench, but the jury has decided to award Bukassa Kagenbele, protagonist of Pacified. I have trouble remembering his face.

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