Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Discovered the skeleton of a 13-year-old girl next to a pyramid

Descubierto el esqueleto de una niña de 13 años junto a una pirámide

A group of archaeologists has found the skeleton of a girl Next to the pyramid of Meidum, in Egypt. The Ministry of Antiquities of the country gave part of the discovery on Tuesday and explained in a statement that the girl was in a squat position inside the grave. No material good was found next to the body, something that was common centuries ago.

The exact moment in which it was buried is unknown, although it is believed that it was approximately 4,600 years ago, date to which the construction goes back. The little one was around 13 years old, as confirmed by the analyzes that the experts have made to their bones.

The little girl was found in her grave in a squatting position

The finding occurs the same week in which researchers found two animal heads in the same cemetery. The beasts, which were probably bulls, were found next to three pottery vessels. Most likely they were funerary offerings. There were also remains of a brick wall that would have once surrounded the necropolis.

The excavation is in charge of a ministry team led by Omar Zaki, an archeologist from the ministry who is in charge of antiques in the Beni Suef area. Dated in the 26th century BC, it was built with limestone, being the first funerary group composed of a pyramid of smooth faces. Currently, only the central part of its inner core is still standing, which gives it a towering appearance.

Archaeologists believe that the construction was under the charge of Emperor Huni but that he ended up being usurped by his son, the Pharaoh Seneferu. It was Huni who originally built it as a step and then his successor decided to turn it into a true pyramid.

The finding occurs the same week in which researchers found two animal heads in the same cemetery

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