Discover how to have the results of the Christmas Lottery on your mobile – The Province

Discover how to have the results of the Christmas Lottery on your mobile - The Province

One of the issues that most attention wakes up among the players of Christmas lottery in the hours before the Extraordinary Draw This Saturday, December 22, is how to follow this event live. Not in vain, such a day the children of San Ildefonso will sing all the prizes, including the desired 'Gordo', at the Teatro Real de Madrid.

Well, to be able to follow in detail what happens in the expected event organized each year by the State Society of State Lotteries and Bets, it can be done in different ways. The first option would be to visualize it through television. Specifically, by TVE, which broadcasts the draw for all of Spain.

Also, if you do not want to do it in such a way, you can also be aware of what happens using the direct that we have prepared in our special. This way you can check instantly if you count on your hands with one of the lucky tenths of the 2018 Christmas Lottery.

However, not everyone has enough free time to follow the event during the hours that can last. Therefore, another possibility that we facilitate is to create a direct access on the mobile of each with which the user will be the first to discover the winning number of the 'Gordo' of the Christmas draw.

To carry out this step, the procedure that must be followed is very simple. First of all, you should know that it occupies little space in the device, so it will not generate memory problems usual in the 'smartphones'. In this way, in order to access our widget, the first thing to do is to enter from the mobile at

Once you are inside the link, you have to click on the menu button of the 'smartphone' and select the option 'Add to home screen' Then, you must indicate the name and press 'Add'. Automatically you will have available on your device a direct access to check the numbers of the Christmas Lottery draw in real time.

Finally, if you have a Web page and you want the lottery of Christmas Lottery and other events organized by Lotteries and State Betting to appear on your website, all you have to do is copy the code shown below and paste it on your platform.


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