Discover all the news of this tablet

Discover all the news of this tablet

The Huawei brand has stepped very strong in the technology sector, launching products with very good functions at a very good price. For this reason, the launch of its new tablet has not gone unnoticed, especially due to its ability to be multifunctional. Therefore, in Applications and Technology We want to dedicate this post to talk about the Huawei Tablet MatePad 11 and the reviews of the different users who have tried this device.

The Huawei MatePad 11 tablet and its specifications

With the launch of this tablet, the Huawei brand wanted to perfectly merge professional use with leisure in a single device. This is because this tablet is ready to be used at work being able to be connected to a keyboard.

In addition, it has been seen in the MatePad 11 and its opinions that many users highlight its multimedia use and sound quality. Next, we will analyze the Huawei Tablet MatePad and its specifications.

a perfect design

One of the first things you can notice about the MatePad 11 is its large screen that reaches 10.95 inches. A little less than some laptops you can find on the market. In addition, one of the things that has stood out about the Huawei MatePad 11 in the opinions is that its weight is 485 gramswhich makes it possible to take it anywhere.

We can see from the MatePad 11 and its specifications that this tablet has a resolution of 2K, perfect for watching your favorite series or movie at a much higher quality. Without a doubt, a device that stands out for its high-quality graphics and the possibility of being able to take it with you wherever you want.

A battery ready to give it all

We continue talking about the MatePad 11 and its specifications, highlighting the great duration of its battery. This tablet has a 7250 mAh batterywith a fast charge of 22.5 W. This device is ready for be more than two days without chargingwithout a doubt one of the strengths of the Huawei Tablet MatePad 11 and its opinions.


The Harmony OS system, the biggest novelty of the MatePad 11

One of the objectives of the Chinese technological giant was to differentiate your tablets from other similar devices. Until a few years ago, all tablets shared the same operating system as a smartphone, so many people saw them as if they were larger mobiles.

Inside the MatePad 11 and its specifications, you can see that it has been developed with the Harmony operating system. Without a doubt, one of the ways that Huawei had for its devices to be linked more to the appearance of a laptop than a mobile. A great way to differentiate yourself and give a special touch to this new device.

A wide variety of accessories

Other things that have stood out about the Huawei MatePad 11 in the opinions is the wide variety of accessories that can be connected to the tablet. We can see that the MatePad 11 and its specifications, which has a optical pencil, with which you can draw and write. This pencil can be charge wirelessly placing it on the side of the tablet.

Another of the accessories that they have been able to highlight about the Huawei MatePad in their opinions is that this device has keyboard. This accessory allows users change the tablet mode by laptop mode. This is magnetically connected to the device and linked to the MatePad 11 via bluetooth. In addition, what he liked the most is the rtyping speed and good quality of the keys.

We hope you liked this analysis of the MatePad 11 and its specifications, as well as the different opinions of users about the news of this new device. If you want to continue knowing all the technological news, do not miss any content on our website, what are you waiting for?