September 23, 2020

Discos prepare for de-escalation – La Provincia

The Federation of Entrepreneurs of Night Leisure (Spain at Night), together with the Institute of Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), has prepared a ‘Guide to Risk Reduction Measures against Covid19‘ at nightlife to ensure maximum safety and health protection for workers and customers.

The promoters of this initiative have highlighted in a statement that, at this time, “all eyes are on how it will be the return to the new normality of the nightlife in Spain, since it is one of the most emblematic activities of society “.

In this sense, he pointed out that this plan of measures “is in the validation phase” by the Ministry of Health that, “in the next few days”, the guides of the pending tourist sectors will be posted on the website of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

For the President of Spain at Night, Ramón Mas, the sector “is ready” to start its reopening taking into account the “favorable evolution” that the epidemic is having right now and “taking advantage of the experience of the sectors that have started the de-escalated

However, the sector has launched a message “of prudence and respect” to the calendars of the de-escalation that the Ministry of Health can establish and that “they should allow the activity of clubs and discotheques to recover during the month of June.”

In this context, the presentation of the ‘Guide to Risk Reduction Measures against Coronavirus’, as stressed by Mas, “should contribute to transmit a message of safety and ability to recover activity in leisure venues with all the guarantees applying the action protocols and putting in place preventive measures to protect the public and the workers, counting on their sense of responsibility. “

Parallel to the dissemination of the guide, Spain by Night will carry out different pilot tests and trials in real environments that allow evaluating the implementation of protocols and preventive measures before their generalization when the premises reopen in phase 3 of the de-escalation.

Regarding the advantages of the recreational sector in adapting to the new normal, the president of the federation has highlighted that the sector has shown “more than” its ability to adapt to challenges “as already demonstrated” with the entry into force of the tobacco ban, which, in his opinion, “represented a before and after in terms of public habits and operations in entertainment venues.”

The measurement guide proposes the use of terraces in leisure venues as a mechanism to facilitate the progressive recovery of its activity as a support and control tool for public flows within the premises

Secondly, in order to control access to the interior of the establishments, ask adapt the operation of the queues and use the signaling elements to ensure that the two meters of interpersonal distance are met.

In relation to the bars, it reflects that we must promote use of organic straws, and that the use of simplified price lists, PDAs, applications with QR codes and payment systems through POS will be recommended.

Another element that, according to the document, contributes to facilitate the operation of the premises in the new normality is the use of reserved and VIP boxes, which will contribute to sectorize the spaces and guarantee the distance between the groups of people

In the case of dance floors, the use of face masks it will be mandatory as long as it is established by the health administration, the perimeter of the dance floor will be delimited and a grid will be used to guide the public on what the dance area they occupy should be to protect and reserve interpersonal distance.

In addition, the guide indicates that the venue will determine the audience capacity of the dance floor and it will be the admission staff who will supervise that these measures are respected.

Regarding the bathrooms, it establishes that “essential” hand washing when entering and leaving, and the premises will have personnel responsible for controlling their capacity and their proper functioning


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