Discomfort among Government partners over the management of the Nazi demonstration in Chueca

The parties that supported the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez and that have tended to support the initiatives of the progressive government have expressed their displeasure on Tuesday at the management by the Executive of the Nazi demonstration that ran through the streets of the Chueca neighborhood from Madrid last Saturday.

The LGTBI paradox in Spain: leader in social progress but scene of cruel homophobic attacks

The LGTBI paradox in Spain: leader in social progress but scene of cruel homophobic attacks

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ERC's spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, has denounced the "terrible abandonment of functions" that in his opinion the Government committed by letting an ultra-rightist protest "creep in" in a neighborhood like Chueca, a symbol of the struggle. of the collective of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals, Bisexuals and Intersexuals (LGTBI).

"If as a democrat it is scary, as a member of the collective fear must be terrifying," Rufián assured at a press conference, although he avoided asking for the resignation of the Government delegate in Madrid, Mercedes González, who this Tuesday announced that will impose a fine of 600 euros to the organizers. In any case, the ERC spokesperson assured that the delegate should be "aware" of the damage caused to the LGTBI community and "not come out with such frivolity" in the face of what happened.

He has also ironic with the "fight between Nazis and fachas" that in his opinion has caused this demonstration, alluding to the fact that Vox has blamed a "Judeo-Masonic conspiracy of the left" and the organizers have indicated that it is Vox who " copy "to them.

More forceful has been the spokesperson of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, who has considered that what happened in Chueca was "a very serious event" and that the Government "has made a fool of itself" for which the delegation in Madrid "owes an apology to all the Madrileños ". In Errejón's opinion, it was perfectly known that the convenor of the demonstration was a neo-Nazi leader.

Errejón denounces a "double measuring stick"

In addition, Errejón has denounced the "double yardstick" of the Government because "in the concentration against the murder of Samuel there were blows by the Police" and in the Nazi demonstration in Chueca there was no police intervention.

In similar terms, the spokesperson for Compromís in Congress, Joan Baldoví, has condemned that the march took place "in a neighborhood like Chueca in the middle of the homophobic wave. He also recalled that the convener of the mass is" an individual of the extreme right that everyone knows him. "

The condemnations of what happened in Chueca have been pronounced by all the parliamentarians who have intervened after the Board of Spokespersons, from the left-wing parties to Vox, which, however, has avoided supporting the rights of the LGTBI collective.

United We, for its part, has sent to the rest of the parliamentary groups a proposal for an institutional declaration "of rejection of the neo-Nazi demonstration that uttered hateful slogans against the LGTBI collective" last weekend, in the Chueca neighborhood of Madrid.

As explained by the spokesman for the confederal formation at a press conference in the Lower House, "it is essential that parliaments and different institutions condemn this type of impulse, a breeding ground for physical aggression." For this reason he has trusted that the declaration "can be approved in Parliament and Congress sets an example for the different institutions." The PSOE, which will foreseeably support the initiative, has considered what happened as "unacceptable", although it has defended the role of Mercedes González.


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