August 7, 2020

Disarticulated an international organization that swindled 25 million to commercial companies

The National Police dismantle an international organization that could have scammed 25 million euros to companies around the world. They intercepted the money from the business transactions of their victims through the "fraud of the CEO" and "Man in the middle". In Spain, the organization managed to cheat an accredited amount of more than 600,000 euros, a figure that could be increased with the analysis of all the material seized by the agents.

There is ten people arrested in Toledo (1), Castellón (1) and in the Balearic municipality of Manacor (8), among which are the most responsible, in an investigation developed in several Spanish provinces and that has allowed to clarify 31 criminal acts.

«Man in the middle» consists of carrying out computer attacks against companies with high turnover volumes, to those who intercept the communications via email to derive the money from a payment to an own account opened with false documentation, while "the fraud of the CEO" it consists of contacting an employee with access to the company's accounts, and requesting an urgent financial operation pretending to be their boss or director.


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