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Disappointments, first crises and tears on the island

The second installment of The Island of Temptations It has not been long in coming. After the last Thursday’s premiere, the format has returned to Four with the first salseos of the docureality. And is that the participants have begun to release and between parties, dates and dances the first approaches have appeared. Without a doubt, the main protagonists of the delivery have been Women who are increasingly comfortable with singles despite starring in a very distant beginning.

This evening, we were able to see the first dates with the temptations, the first expulsion and the fires night of the boys. This last event is what has marked a before and after in some of the relationships after seeing the coexistence of their respective partners.

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'The Island of Temptations': The girls are released with the ten singles after a slightly distant start

‘The Island of Temptations’: The girls are released with the ten singles after a slightly distant start

First images for the boys

The five boys of the edition have been the only ones of the delivery that have been able to see images of their respective partners. Specifically they have been able to see it twice. Undoubtedly, the climax has reached the end of the evening. But at first Monica Naranjo He has come to his village to show them a brief summary of the first days of living with the 10 singles. Some very light images but that have already caused the first anger …

I burst out laughing with the male Neanderthals. Those who have always criticized and laughs with them, ”he said Alex grumpy. “I don’t see any need to go all day without a shirt”, Ismael added and, as if that were not enough, Gonzalo has said he doesn’t put his hand in the fire for anyone. Insecurities are emerging among the matched edition fives …

'The Island of Temptations': Alex's anger after seeing Fiama's behavior with singles

‘The Island of Temptations’: Alex’s anger after seeing Fiama’s behavior with singles

Melani, first single expelled

First night of expulsion in The Island of Temptations. The five boys have first been able to save their “protected” as they were transmitted by Monica Naranjo. With five single saved, the protagonists they have had to point to the one they didn’t want to continue living with them. They have been very clear, a unanimous decision.

Melani It has been selected to leave the island. Without a doubt, a decision that was seen to come since the situation experienced with Alex in the first installment sowed tension in the house. We remember that Melani is the contestant’s ex-partner and one of the single ones that has caused more conflicts during the first days. So without any doubt they have sent it to Spain.

'The Island of Temptations': Melani becomes the first single expelled from the edition

‘The Island of Temptations’: Melani becomes the first single expelled from the edition

Special connections

Andrea and Óscar / Fani and Ruben / Fiama and Joy / Susana and Lewis / Adelina and Julián

In this second installment, the five women have been able to select the boy with whom they felt a special connection after the first dates

'The Island of Temptations': This has been the affectionate date between Fani and Ruben

‘The Island of Temptations’: This has been the affectionate date between Fani and Ruben

Bryan, first single expelled

The five girls have also had to select the first single expelled from the edition. Unlike their partners, they they had it more complicated to make a decision. They had five nominees but each defended the permanence of one of them. However, they have finally opted for one. Bryan becomes the first single expelled and returns to Spain empty-handed. Without a doubt, a participant who has gone unnoticed at all times. A long awaited decision …

Christofer and Ishmael, victims of bonfire night

Tonight we have lived the first bonfire night of the five boys of The island of temptations. A very special evening since, as Mónica Naranjo has expressed, they have been able to see and hear everything their respective partners are doing. Many nerves in the environment and some clearly more harmed than others.

The first to view the images has been Christofer who has decided to share them with all his companions. The obvious was not expected Fani’s approach to Ruben and, although in the first two videos he has preferred to think that there was no problem, when he has seen the third one he has totally changed his mind. “That’s not what I expected… That love, that hug, it didn’t happen there. I think it has failed me as a couple. He is doing things that are not normal“, Has expressed Christofer on the verge of tears.

A totally different reaction is what you had Alex what has been excited to remember Fiama, his fiancee. “She knows that for me she is the most important person. I get excited to see how valuable I am by my side. And for nothing in the world I would like to lose it. I want her free”, Álex has expressed between tears. Nail very nice words of the participant who is demonstrating how in love he is with his partner. We will see how the thing evolves because the progress of next Thursday does not put this couple in a very good place …

As usual, Gonzalo has covered himself with glory with his comments. The boyfriend of Suzanne, winner of Big Brother 14, has been shown again very subidito although the mare is seen that is just as scared as the rest of his companions. And is that he who crossed out Pokemon Susana in the first installment of The Island of Temptations has released another little pearl: “She always behaves like a lady, with her head in place”. He has said this before seeing the images.

After watching the videos, Gonzalo has realized that Susana may like Lewis. Given the situation, Gonzalo has also been clear: “The very graceful poor guy is not …”. Monica has also been direct: “I think you don’t understand that this goes beyond the physical”. We will see the one that falls to the participant in social networks …

The Island of Temptations

My attitude will change a lot. I will start thinking more about myself. My question is if Andrea has come to destroy the relationship ”

Monica Naranjo has informed the contestants that bonfire night could change the lives of some of the participants. Well, this has been the case with Ishmael. And the images he has seen of Andrea’s relationship with Oscar have left him in a state of shock. “I don’t like the truth very much. I see some complicity and they are only the first images ”, has expressed when seeing the first batch of images.

“I think that I am not missing anything and that is what really worries me… With another person it is practically the same as with me. Disappointment. My attitude is going to change a lot. I will start thinking more about myself. My question is whether he has come to destroy the relationship”, Has settled very disappointed with the behavior of his partner. Without a doubt, this will radically change your participation in The Island of Temptations.

'The Island of Temptations': Ismael says he will change the way he participates after seeing the hard images of Andrea

‘The Island of Temptations’: Ismael says he will change the way he participates after seeing the hard images of Andrea


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