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Disappointing run of Juan Luis Fraile at the opening of Céret | Culture

Céret is another story. Other movie. Another world. In Céret, a small town of less than eight thousand inhabitants located in the south of France, just 15 kilometers from the Spanish border, the bull is the king. The bull-bull, it should be pointed out. Here, the modern bull, that noble one that borders on docility, that animal devoid of any hint of fierceness and exigency that comes out daily in most of the squares and fairs, has no place. Only the fact of mentioning it constitutes, almost, a sacrilege.

In Céret they do not send the "bullfighting" of the system. Not the businessmen. Céret is an anti-establishment square without a businessman. Its fair, composed this year by two bullfights and a bullfight bite, organized by the fans of the place. And, contrary to what happens almost always, first the ranches are hired and, later, the bullfighters. A handful of brave men willing to deal with some of the most feared irons of the brave camp.

Like that of Juan Luis Fraile, one of the few of Santa Coloma origin (via Graciliano) who resist the extinction imposed by the bullfighting system, the so-called figures of bullfighting and "his" mono-entangle Domecq. For currencies like Salamanca, Céret is exile. An exile in which, however, they are recognized, respected and expected. Precisely for this reason, surely, the return trip of Juan Luis Fraile to the charro field will be bitter.

Excellently presented – except the sixth bull, ugly and without auction -, of great seriousness, very astifina, the game of the bullfight disappointed altogether. Although there were specimens that fulfilled in rods and that had mobility and a certain caste background, there were also very righteous strength, something unforgivable in this type of livestock. As if that were not enough, he returned to the second, a beautiful Cinqueño who came out of chiqueros with a goring.


Bulls Juan Luis Fraile, -the second, returned-, very well presented -except the 6th, ugly and without auction-, serious and astifino, and unequal game. 1st, soft; 3rd, standing behind a vibrant third of rods; 4th, powerful, difficult and demanding; 5th, noble and very soft; 6th, repeater. Sobrero de Peñajara, very well presented and complicated.

Javier Castaño: crossed thrust (silence); three punctures and one descabello (light whistles).

Iván Vicente: fallen, back and somewhat perpendicular thrust (slight whistles); Lunge cuts slightly traversed and perpendicular (silence).

Joselillo: prick and lunge fall and lie (greetings); prick and detached lunge (silence).

Bullring of Céret. First fair run Just over three quarters of entry. A minute of silence was kept in memory of picador Anderson Murillo. Joselito Rus greeted after banderillear the second.

The fourth was perhaps the one that most fulfilled the predicted script. A powerful bull, difficult and demanding with which Javier Castaño could not, tempered, but too cautious. He did not bet Against the soft first, the show was impossible.

Iván Vicente did not trust either before the complicated overhang of Peñajara that came out in second place and that fulfilled in three measured pujazos. After several washes by the right python -the last one was disarmed and had to take the olive tree-, he gave up and went for the sword amidst the protests of the public. The fifth, very armed, brushed the disability and Vicente insisted on extending a doomed work before starting.

An ovation greeted Joselillo after killing the third, who stopped in the last third after an exciting start and a vibrant third of rods in which the picador Tito Sandoval, who moved the horse with a bullfighter, pulled the pole up and measured the punishment. Up to four times he went to the horse of Fraile, placed each time at a greater distance. More spectacular than bravo, under the breastplate made an unequal fight. The last one, protested out by his scant appearance, repeated, but neither his mobility nor the anxious fretwork that Joselillo executed had the approval of the demanding ceretana hobby.

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