April 16, 2021

Disappears driver of a money van with 1 million euros in Paris

Disappears driver of a money van with 1 million euros in Paris

The driver of a transport van disappeared on Monday in the periphery of Paris with a million euros when he made a round while two of his colleagues were charging an ATM.

Police sources cited by the station "France Info" pointed out that no option is ruled out, including that the driver -of 28 years, and with a few months of seniority in the company- He could be kidnapped by a gang of criminals, but they opt more for the escape.

The events occurred around 6.00 local time (5.00 GMT) in the city of Aubervilliers, bordering Paris, when two of the three employees of the money transport company Loomis got off the vehicle to supply the ATM of a banking agency.

When finishing his task, the van was not on the outside and neither was the third colleague. The vehicle appeared about 500 meters away, a few streets away with the doors open and without the 60 bags of money where it is estimated that there was around one million euros.

This event has recalled the story in 2009 of Toni Muslim, another employee of a fund transport company who fled in France with a van loaded with more than eleven million euros. He was fled for a dozen days before turning himself in.


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