January 21, 2021

Disagreements over bluefin tuna require the president of the federation to resign – La Provincia

Disagreements over bluefin tuna require the president of the federation to resign - La Provincia

Fernando Gutiérrez will no longer be the president of the Federation of Fishermen's Associations of the Canary Islands. The Herreño has announced his resignation, caused by the discrepancies originated, one more year, by the distribution of the quota of bluefin tuna among the professionals of the Archipelago. "Instead of serving to create awareness and solidarity, it has become a fight of alligators," he lamented yesterday.

The amount allocated to Canarian fishermen in the bluefin tuna campaign this year has experienced a significant increase in relation to that of 2018, from 255 to 438.5 tonnes, according to the proposal transferred by the Ministry. However, the differences between the different brotherhoods persist, as happened last year. Then it was the modality chosen – the Olympic fishing, which does not attribute quotas by area or boat, but implies that you can fish to complete the total quota – which led to the rejection of some professionals.

On this occasion, and without wanting to specify what the discrepancies consisted of, Gutiérrez argues that "there are fishermen who believe they are the owners of tuna," he later told this newspaper.

The still president of the Federation of Canary Islands Guilds – has advanced his resignation "irrevocable" but has not yet formalized – it seems "incredible" that these disputes are maintained when the total quota of the archipelago has multiplied by 18 since 2013, when It was only 24 tons.

Despite the increase in the quota authorized by the Ministry, Fernando Gutiérrez is very critical of the General Secretariat of Fisheries. "What he does with the Canary Islands is a shame," he said. The lack of definition about the conditions in which the campaign will be developed has meant that it has not yet started, despite the fact that the boats should have been fishing since March 1.

The still president of the Federation also has words against the way in which the regional Parliament has modified the Fisheries Law of the Canary Islands to include fishing-tourism. In his opinion, the deputies "do not know the reality of the sector". As an example, he cited the conditions that the rule imposes on fishing vessels to carry tourists. "I can not reform my boat for recreation," he said.


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