Disabled claim in Uruguay labor improvement and transportation facilities

Disabled claim in Uruguay labor improvement and transportation facilities

Hundreds of disabled people gathered and marched today along the main avenue of Montevideo to demand greater transportation facilities, as well as the increase in labor income in the framework of the commemoration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

With banners alluding to claims of their rights, the attendees traveled about two kilometers along the Avenida 18 de Julio in a march that had as its arrival point the Municipality of Montevideo.

The representative of the Secretariat of Disability of the main trade union center of Uruguay, the PIT-CNT, Martín Nieves, told the press that this is the seventh occasion in which they carry out this type of mobilizations for the international date.

"80% of people with disabilities who are looking for a job for about two decades can not be included in employment and that is one of the aspects that we are promoting from the workers' center," he said.

Although Uruguay has specific legislation for people with disabilities, the trade union representative stressed that within it there are points "that must be modified".

"We consider that it is an unfinished law, there are five points that we believe should be modified (…) We consider that what has to do with Article 1 of permanent workers leaves out approximately 250,000 jobs with the possibility of include, "he said.

Similarly, said that the article that has to do with the adaptation of jobs "must think" in the inclusion of people with disabilities "having the obligation" that the company to change their work environment.

"We have some unions like the one in the construction that, last year, managed to include 74 people with disabilities surpassing what was the income at the State level," he said.

The Uruguayan Vladimir Rodriguez, 62, who suffers from motor disability, told Efe that among the main daily difficulties is mobility in the streets, so he pointed out the creation of more access ramps.

He also acknowledged that, at present, accessibility and mobility for people with disabilities "has improved" and he recalled that "before it was impossible to leave the house".

However, he stressed that "it is necessary to educate people" so that they "become more aware" of the limitations of the disabled in different aspects.


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