Directors and directors of listed companies that resist the coronavirus enter 1.9 million selling shares

The coronavirus It has multiplied the purchases of shares of listed by their managers and counselors and has spurred the entry of some great fortunes in the capital of several Spanish companies, taking advantage of the collapse in prices. But not everything is falls and opportunistic purchases. After collapse the benefits of the Ibex In the worst first quarter of the history of the selective, in recent weeks several managers and directors of three listed companies that are resisting this stock market have taken advantage to make cash.

Those three companies are Iberdrola, Viscofan and Pharmamar, and those executives and directors have earned close to 1.9 million euros with these operations. Pedro Azagra, director of Corporate Development at Iberdrola, stands out especially since last March 20 and until May 11, he has reported to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) the sale of 168,496 shares of the electricity company for something more than 1.54 million at prices of between 8.79 euros and 10.62 euros per share.

This former Morgan Stanley is, by far, the manager of Iberdrola that has sold the most shares in recent years. Since 2013, it has entered 4.14 million with the sale of securities that it has received in its vast majority in the successive incentive plans of the electric company, whose shares have fallen by only 5.6% since January and are currently at 8.5 euros .

In another Ibex company that, like Iberdrola, has maintained the dividend and increased its profits in the first quarter, Viscofan, highlights the recent sale of securities for an amount of 250,000 euros that has been carried out by its shareholder and director Juan March, Chairman of Banca March, Juan March, through his company Atacampa SA, at a price of 60 euros per share.

The Alba Finance Corporation, the investment firm of the March, is with a package of 13% the main shareholder of the manufacturer of casings for the meat industry, whose titles have risen 24% this year, to 58.6 euros. In the records of the CNMV there is another recent operation by a manager of the Navarrese group, its director of IT and Corporate Strategy, César Arraiza. On May 11, 476 Viscofan shares were released for just over € 29,000 at a price of € 61.1 per share.

Another exception to the collapse in the stock market that has led to the coronavirus is the biotech Pharmamar, whose titles are up 48% this year thanks in part to their announcements about possible treatments to stop the pandemic, so far without tangible results. On 29 April, the director of Corporate Affairs of the pharmaceutical company, Belén Sopesén, got rid of 12,000 titles of the company for about 68,000 euros at a price of 5.67 euros per title.

Sales in falling companies

In recent weeks, there have also been sales of titles for directors and directors of companies that have been trading at deep discounts since the arrival of the coronavirus. In the Ibex, the sale of Banco Sabadell securities for an amount of just over 820,000 euros, carried out on May 12 by the Mexican David Martínez Guzmán, stands out. It has shed 2.5 million of the entity's securities at 32 cents per share. The Sabadell share price has fallen 70% since January.

In banking, the divestment for more than 97,000 euros that was carried out on May 4 by BBVA executive Ricardo Martín to fiscally offset the bonus payment at a price of 2.82 euros per share also stands out; and at Bankinter, the nearly 67,000 euros that its director of Digital Banking, Gloria Ortiz, entered on April 23, at a price of 3.45 euros per share.

Outside the Ibex, the sales of titles of two managers of the Neinor real estate company stand out between May 8 and 12: the General Director of Real Estate, Mario Lapiedra (about 105,000 euros), and the Chief Financial Officer, Jordi Argemi (about 105,000 financiers) .

Among the 'chicharros' of the Spanish stock market, the sale and purchase operations of two directors of the engineering and robotics company Airtificial Intelligence Structures (former Carbures) stand out: the president, Rafael Gil, and the director Ramón González de Betolaza, representative of the fund Black Toro. In recent weeks, the company's securities amounting to more than 537,000 euros have been divested at prices of between five and seven euro cents per title.

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