January 21, 2021

Director Pablo Trapero, fired from HBO's 'Patria' series | TV

Director Pablo Trapero, fired from HBO's 'Patria' series | TV

Director Pablo Trapero has been fired from the Serie Homeland, the adaptation of the novel by Fernando Aramburu produced by Aitor Gabilondo for the HBO Spain chain. The Argentine filmmaker, according to sources close to the production, "had entered as an elephant in pottery" and finally Gabilondo, the head of the project, has decided to rescind his contract.

Trapero was going to combine with Félix Viscarret the codirection of the episodes, whose scripts had already been approved by HBO before the Argentine arrived, who decided to rewrite them and dismiss part of the cast – some actors had not signed their corresponding contracts but they had been congratulated their characters-. Yes confirmed Elena Irureta and Ane Gabarain to embody, respectively, Bittori and Miren, the two women protagonists, the two friends separated by ETA terrorism.

In January, during the promotion of the premiere of his film The stillness, the director assured about Homeland: "I'm delighted with the challenge, right now we're in the process of rewriting scripts, of seeing how we approach the shoot with Viscarret." Aitor called me to offer to be the showrunner, and we understood that Homeland It is like a long movie, of those that are few but that can be seen from the pull or in parts. Above all, by the density and volume of the characters, impossible to summarize in just two hours. The offer first surprised me and then I was happy. " Homeland will be the first original series of HBO Spain and is headed by Gabilondo, scriptwriter and producer of series like Prince, through production company Alea Media (participated by Mediaset). Gabilondo has also taken over the scripts. The premiere is planned in 2020.

The Trapero-Viscarret couple was not the first to head the leadership of Homeland. For months, names like Fernando González Molina were rumored (Palm trees in the snow) or the couple formed by Mateo Gil and Alejandro Amenábar (but has an exclusive contract with Movistar for the production of the film While the war lasts, about the life of Miguel de Unamuno at the beginning of the Civil War).

Filming was planned at the beginning of this year in San Sebastian and some nearby towns, where the Aramburu novel takes place. In the presentation of the project, Gabilondo remembered that it is from there and that he sees in the plot a story that he lived. "I studied in an ikastola in Donosti, I lived very intensely this story goes basically in the eighties and nineties and it is just the time when I was a child and then a teenager and I came very fully all that was lived. I have friends from ETA, I have friends murdered by ETA, I know extortionists, and what I liked most about the novel is that it told the story at the human level in which I had lived it, at ground level, without political debates. " This newspaper has tried to contact, without success, with Gabilondo. Pablo Trapero has declined to comment.


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