Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Direct reservations to hotels in front of platforms increase

Services of spa Free, a day of extra accommodation, room with views, breakfasts included … These are just some of the multiple incentives that owners or managers of Hotels offer more and more regularly to those customers who hire their services directly in their webs. All efforts are few to free themselves from the dependence that online travel platforms have imposed in recent years , how Booking, Expedia, Hotelbeds… and its expensive commissions.

The effort seems to be giving results. Although they have not yet managed to dethrone the almighty Booking, the pages of the hotels have become in the last year the second largest online booking channel and have relegated to Expedia to third place, according to the annual report of the technology platform specialized in tourism services SiteMinder, presented yesterday. It analyzes the hotel distribution channels that generated the most revenue in 2019 in the 20 most popular tourist destinations in the world. In 14 of those 20 destinations, direct reservations on the hotels’ websites climbed posts. “The web pages of the accommodation remain among the four most used channels in most markets and, in many cases, are in the top positions. It is clear that hoteliers are still looking for the right way to attract more reserves of this type by informing themselves better, applying innovative ideas and investing in the meta searches”, Says the CEO of SiteMinder’s international alliances, James Bishop.

Technology also gives opportunities to small

The incentive for hotels is clear. “The big ones are charged a commission of 10% or 12%, but for the little ones it is sometimes shot up to 25%. And they have no choice but to hire because for many it is, and will be for a long time, the only way to attract customers, ”they say in the sector.

If someone can stand up to the power of Booking and the rest of the booking platforms are the big hotel chains. “Big and small are investing in technology, but only the big brands with great marketing and brand power can boast of being between 30% and 40% of direct bookings,” sources in the hotel sector say.

But technology also gives opportunities to the little ones. Those who know the sector well ensure that more and more small establishments, with a very differentiated offer and with a very careful customer service, are attracting customers directly. Although for the vast majority of hotels the check to the platforms is still a “long-awaited dream”.

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