January 17, 2021

Direct King's Cup Real Madrid-Barcelona:

Direct King's Cup Real Madrid-Barcelona:

Vinicius arrived once and again, threatening, with the ball stuck to the foot or in depth, he tried in a thousand ways, he could score one goal and another. But nothing, he did not do when Barcelona did not know how to stop him and Madrid died before the goal of Ter Stegen, with character and giving the face, but without end of the Copa del Rey, which will play it, again the Barcelona, ​​dominator absolute of this competition. He had to score at the Bernabéu and Luis Suárez did it three times. He does not play as he used to and uses counterattack as a lethal weapon. But as you let him escape, as you do not shoot him when you have him a shot, consider yourself dead. It was a conservative Barcelona, ​​but efficient, terribly efficient for Madrid. Barely disturbed in the first half, when he was inferior to the rival. If it was saved from burning it was because Ter Stegen stopped and Vinicius did not hit. He endured Barcelona with pragmatism, waiting for his chance. More than Messi, the difference with the first leg was that Luis Suárez found the goal when he had the chance and Dembélé. It seems that it is not there, until it appears and makes you a ripper from which you do not recover. He was the decisive player. Messi walked, made a couple of starts, but went through the meeting without making excessive noise. Dembelé, on the other hand, caught his back twice, one on each side and dismissed the players from Solari.

The game lasted 68 minutes, until the second goal of Barcelona. Until that moment you saw two teams at the same level. It is a pity that the European champion throws overboard the first months of the season, because now it is to compete with anyone. Without Marcelo and without Bale, that is to say, with the gala team, smaller by Navas, who was in the goal, the white team came out energetic, perhaps pushed by the match with the fans organized by Ramos, an hour before the match. I wanted the Cup, I had a result in favor and this time the confidence that it was possible. The match started with more nerves than consistency, with the electric atmosphere of the important days, but it was Madrid that marked their territory better. Casemiro dominated in the center, with Rakitic, the best in the first half, trying to gain ground. Without clear owner, those of Valverde preferred a low rate, while those of Solari wanted to revolutionize the game. It's what Vinicius has. He was the owner of the crash for the first forty-five minutes. Everything that happened, he did. It is impossible not to look for him because the players of Madrid ask for his body. It was measured with Semedo, with Piqué, he got up, fell, encouraged the crowd, himself and finished and finished and finished again. It was always a hand's breadth away. But a span, in such encounters, is a long stretch, it is more, it is a question between life and death. He is 18 years old and has a wide margin of improvement to finish. When he does, the forecast is that there will be no way to stop him.

Barcelona came out alive, which came to rest relieving. The unchanging nature of Valverde, serious has infected the team. It's not spectacular, but in the face of those criticisms, it only has to show results. He has had bad times in the Cup, against Sevilla and against Madrid, he has suffered and has overcome them. He already has a final list in May and an advantage in the League. For the month of February, it's not bad news. It was as if he expected his moment: a movement of Dembélé, who dragged Carvajal, took him to the center of the field and then took advantage of the gap he had left. In the center of the area, Luis Suárez was waiting.

Madrid did not surrender and Vinicius made another one for Reguilón. But Ter Stegen appeared. Madrid had character until Dembélé looked for the other side and Luis Suárez bothered Varane to score. And the Uruguayan said goodbye with another penalty goal, with Madrid already thinking about other goals.


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