Direct: Gran Canaria - MoraBanc Andorra

The yellows, for another quality victory. / acb Photo - Albert Martin

The yellows face another vital appointment to continue in the race to be in the Playoff

Oliver Suarez Armas

There is no truce. After
fall into a transcendental pulse with UCAM Murcia in the last day, together with the consequences that left the North American abroad with a Polish passport out of action
AJ Slaughter after the blow received by Dominican forward Sadiel Rojas in the face, the CB Gran Canaria, ninth classified with a
balance of 14 wins and 13 lossesreset to compete again this Wednesday,
from 8:30 p.m. (Movistar Deportes -dial 53-) in the Gran Canaria Arena, against MoraBanc Andorra, fifteenth with a balance of eight wins and 19 setbacks, in a battle for the privileged zone and for the shifting zone.

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