February 27, 2021

Diplomat accuses Canada of silencing brain injuries suffered in Cuba

Diplomat accuses Canada of silencing brain injuries suffered in Cuba

One of the Canadian diplomats who in 2017 suffered brain injuries during his mission in Havana, as a result of what the US He has described it as an "attack", he said that Canada has limited its comments on the incidents so as not to "anger" the Cuban authorities.

The diplomat is one of the more than three dozen US and Canadian workers who last year showed symptoms of brain injuries, such as dizziness, headaches and lack of concentration, while they were stationed in Havana.

The diplomat told the Canadian newspaper "The Globe and Mail", who did not identify him, that the authorities of his country "fear to upset Cuba so as not to prejudice Canada's candidacy for a seat on the UN Security Council."

The diplomat also criticized Canada's response to the incidents as well as the attention those affected are receiving.

A group of diplomats summed up their position by pointing out in a letter, which also had access to the Canadian newspaper, that "the duty of care has been consistently relegated by the efforts of the Government of Canada to contain and limit the information on this story "

After the appearance in 2017 of the first news of the incidents, the US authorities indicated that the diplomats appeared to have suffered some type of attack with a sonic weapon although the Cuban government denied any connection with the injuries.

The United States decided to reduce the personnel of its embassy in the Cuban capital, while Canada in April withdrew the relatives of its diplomats stationed in Cuba as a precautionary measure.

Despite the fact that multiple investigations have been launched and that several medical teams are trying to discover the origin of the injuries, it is still unknown what caused the physical problems to the American diplomats.

In April, senior Canadian officials told the media that the results of research conducted by both Canadian and American medical specialists indicate that the affected people suffer from "a new type of possible acquired brain injury."

"The cause is still unknown but could be of human origin," Canadian spokesmen added.


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