April 20, 2021

Dimples of Venus: these are its sexual benefits – The Province

Those known as Dimples of Venus are two small depressions that some people have in the lower back. Specifically, it is two holes that are perceived in the lower part of the back, just above the back.

Not all of us present these small depressions, since these appear by a genetic factor. Therefore, if you have dimples of Venus, look at the backs of your parents because surely they will also have them. The same happens if you have children, since if you have those small dimples they will have many chances of having them too.

Beyond the genetic causes of the appearance of the so-called dimples of Venus, these depressions have also been related to the sex. There are many who see them as an aspect of the most erotic and sensual and, for that reason, they perceive as more attractive the people who wear them. The dimples of Venus become, therefore, fetish and object of desire. If you have them, do not hesitate to show them off, and brag about them. This fact will make many see you much more sexy.

A woman with dimples of Venus / Shutterstock

In relation to this aspect, various theories have emerged regarding the sexual benefits of these holes. One of them explains that women who have these slight depressions in the lower back, have more facilities to have orgasms. This is so because said dimples favor blood circulation in the area and encourage excitement.

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