"Dignidad y Justicia" denounces Arzuaga (EH Bildu) for a hate crime

"Dignidad y Justicia" denounces Arzuaga (EH Bildu) for a hate crime

"Dignidad y Justicia" (DyJ) announced on Thursday the filing before the High Court of Justice of the Basque Country of a complaint for the commission of a hate crime against Julen Arzuaga (EH Bildu) and for the possible commission of the crime of humiliation to the victims of terrorism.

During the debate on the reform of the so-called police abuses law in the Basque Parliament, Arzuaga has expressed his "absolute" contempt for the "corporative organizations of State Security Forces and Corps that are making an infected, disgusting lobby for that they do not recognize the victims that they themselves have generated. "

"For you, you are the Nazis who are protesting because there was a trial in Nuremberg, for me you are the Francoists who are fighting so that there is no recognition of their human rights violations, which is outrageous, unacceptable and disgusting," Arzuaga continued.

In a statement, the association presided by Daniel Portero argues that the parliamentarian of the nationalist coalition "has despised, insulted, reviled and pointed to the groups of the Civil Guard and National Police, blaming them for the deaths of ETA terrorists", when They confronted the security forces or "when they handled bombs and died of an unforeseen detonation".

"In this way, this subject, heir of Batasuna-ETA, has tried to criminalize the two bodies and security forces of the State that have more victims of terrorism, trying to equate victims and executioners," he adds.

According to DyJ, "this pseudo-terrorist has tried to inoculate hatred in the civilian population against these two magnificent security forces, pointing them out as guilty of those deaths of terrorists, when they really acted in defense of the rule of law."


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