September 22, 2020

Digitization takes over the post offices | Innovation

Digitization takes over the post offices | Innovation

The paper war began long ago, but until four years ago it seemed impossible to defeat it. The irruption of new technologies has helped Correos to transform its offices in a digital crucible. Unless we have left a collection notice or a fine for bad drivers, all the interaction in their establishments must be read with zeros and ones. The forms have passed to a better life at the same time that the technique has taken over a service more than centennial. "In the 21st century, it sounded bad that our clients had to fill out paperwork. We have simplified the barriers to consumers with the elimination of printed matter, "explains Carlos García, deputy director of the Post Office network.

The transformation is evident, although they have not yet become a Matrix of postal services. The first radical change appears just outside the door. Not only because of the change of image adopted in the buildings, but because tablets are the only valid communication tool if we put a foot in the store. No boxes of methacrylate with colored paper to differentiate a shipment of a money order. "For 90% of operations, the client does not need any form. This digitization is also very useful to speed up the time of attention and optimize it ", adds García.

The evolution of Correos has transcended the physical space itself. One of the great advantages of digitization is that the internet is present everywhere. With a registration from home, immediately afterwards some codes are generated, read at the customer service counters, which validate the postal procedures. Likewise, the acknowledgment of receipt and certified mail have ceased to be what they were. The term currently to define these services is the electronic test. "The proof of these services is no longer a paper in the mailbox. You provide an email and we send to this address this proof valid for any justification, "says the deputy director of the network of offices.

The Communications with the Public Administration have also joined the technological wave. Post offices operate as official digital registries thanks to the law of administrative procedure. The strong point that they only use modern tools is that students, for example, can throw away that folder of important papers. When they requested a scholarship, such as general or mobility, they no longer need all those cumbersome forms. The request can be made through the Post Office and they will not see the smallest page. "All this innovation has involved redirecting the processes and procedures of employees. It has been necessary to train them, but, as they have been an active part of the process, they have taken a short time, "Garcia adds.

The app that is to come

In a society in which smartphone it has become an almost indispensable element, it would have little meaning for Correos not to develop an application worthy of its digital transformation. It is the stop of this process to which more resources are currently dedicated. As Garcia maintains, your organization has to transcend the use of the computer so that customers have the mobility they demand and not go to the office unnecessarily. Some of the simplest examples, but impossible right now, are a change in the direction of sending or collecting via mobile. "In brief we will have a transversal app for the user to easily interact with Correos from any point", ditch.

The digital change in the offices not only benefits the 300,000 daily customers who visit the facilities. The environment is another great beneficiary. Zero tolerance with paper allows 93 million annual users to stop filling out forms and, indirectly, to combat deforestation as much as possible. The efficiency of energy consumption in buildings, the use of recycled materials for the parcel service and the reduction of the carbon dioxide footprint represent other present assets thanks to the implementation of new technologies. "Apart from modernizing services, it is one of the most important projects with respect to sustainability. We are fully aware of the environment, "emphasizes the deputy director of the branch network.

Cloud computing has also opened up a range of possibilities for documents and contracts. With the cloud computing, Correos can digitize them, store them and allow access 24 hours a day. There are more doubts about the path they will take in the coming years. "We will progress at the pace that technologies like blockchain. Digital identification and advanced handwritten digital signature are also two areass in which we will have something to say ", predicts García. While the future finishes decanting, the first war of the digitalization has freed it; and they have been victorious. It is not long before the post offices say without fear that they have been possessed by technology.


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