November 24, 2020

Digital transformation applied to mobility




Globalvia, world leader in the management of highway and railroad concessions, adapts to the moment of change and transformation that the mobility sector is experiencing. A new paradigm where «Mobility as a Service (MaaS)», autonomous vehicles, car sharing services, «ride hailing» or intermodality, among others, have given way to a new world where the only way is adaptation constant to the needs of the users.

Therefore, during the last months, Globalvia It has focused its efforts on promoting the creation and implementation of new disruptive services in the field of mobility, focusing on three geographical areas: Spain, Portugal and Chile. With this initiative, called «Innglovation», «we seek (stand out from Globalvia) to better know our users to be able to offer digital solutions that improve the experience of using our infrastructures, favor the mobility of the environment and, thus, continue positioning ourselves as a digital leader of the industry".

The company is immersed in the development of several projects aimed at facilitating and expediting the payment of the services it offers, loyalty to its customers and creating new ways of relationship between its users and the infrastructure it manages. In turn, these projects are aligned with the development of the company's digital strategy

Sustainability award

Globalvia has obtained the top 500 in the GRESB 2019 sustainability ranking, in which both companies and investment funds participate. The company has obtained this distinction in the Highway Manager subcategory, as well as in the Infrastructure category, surpassing the winner of 2018, Transurban, the largest investment fund specialized in infrastructure, of Australian nationality.

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