June 13, 2021

Digital transformation: a new social and economic scenario :: Prensa Ibérica para Correos

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Throughout history there have been numerous revolutions that have changed the way of life. Since the arrival of the steam engine, through automatic machines or the irruption of networks and telecommunications and mass transport. And now, we are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, which advances towards the use of digital tools, artificial intelligence and the big data.

The last report on the digitization of the Spanish economy prepared by the Economic and Social Council (CES) is from 2017. Since then the digital revolution has not stopped. The health crisis that we are experiencing has been a setback for the Spanish economy, but digitization will be the key to helping us achieve a faster and more efficient recovery.

Before the emergence of Covid-19, the fourth industrial revolution had already impacted our way of life and the economy, but after the crisis, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, becoming the protagonist of economic activity and leaving different on the table. challenges. In this context, the state-owned company Correos, is on the front line in this revolution to continue offering its services to society in the face of the new social panorama.

User service

In this transformation process, Correos launched its new mobile app in 2019 with the aim of facilitating daily operations with Correos through a better user experience and offering a single search engine with all the information on the status of shipments allowing to manage their delivery. In addition, the application has a built-in search engine for offices, mailboxes and Citypaq. This app allows to know through geolocation the closest office, Citypaq or mailbox that the user has, offering all the information about hours, postal code, location …

Although Correos already had an app, with this new launch in 2019 Correos has been able to adapt to the current situation and has transformed it by providing it with functionalities that add value to users, such as the Online Form, which offers the possibility of speeding up shipping of a package or a letter in a Post Office, or even with the sending of a burofax through the App without having to go to a Post Office. The objective is to reduce the time of physical passage through the offices.

In addition, as a novelty, it launches Paqbook, the wallet of all the shipments that the user has. A place where you can find all your shipments without having to search for them.

In addition, through the mobile application, the user can add their Closest Post Office card, which will allow them not to have to physically carry it, since only by showing it from the app it will be scanned at the office.

Correos plans to soon include simple shipping, which consists of sending a package in an envelope, box or tube from the application and going to an office or Citypaq to deposit the package.

In the world of Fintech

Digitization has revolutionized all sectors, including the financial one. The Fintech business model enters the market to compete with traditional banking. Financial technology companies place the private and business customer at the focus of their value proposition with the Correos Prepaid Empresas Card (CPE), a comprehensive solution for companies that complements the contractor’s banking service. With it, they will be able to manage business expenses, controlling them at all times and process invoices online, in addition to keeping employee payments under control. The system is designed to automate the day-to-day financial procedures of a company with the security of Mastercard and the quality of Correos.

This service has the objective of facilitating the management of expenses for both employers and employees. It is fully configurable, so it adapts to the needs of users, be it an SME or a large corporation. The CPE allows you to give a prepaid card to employees who need it, assign them a budget, control their expenses and manage all invoices using an app or through the web platform. This card can be customized, adapting to the needs of each user to have everything under control. You can request as many cards as you need and configure the functionalities of each of them: amount of money available, alerts you want to receive, what you can spend the money on … You can also activate the function for employees to attach a photo of the purchase receipt and label the expense they have made. With CPE, no more expense notes: now you can save time optimizing company bonds and controlling them in one place.

The CPE has the guarantee and security of Mastercard, which allows you to guarantee payment where you want thanks to its compatibility with Google Pay, Apple Pay and Touch ID and Face ID technologies.

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