July 30, 2021

Digital tools to improve education | Technology

Digital tools to improve education | Technology

Technology-based education, which is included within the label Ed-Tech, this week was given in enlightED, the world conference organized by Fundación Telefónica, IE University and included in the agenda of the well-known event linked to innovation, South Summit. A total of 615 candidates were nominated for the prizes summoned on the occasion of the event, of which 10 were finalists, five of them Spanish. Sense was the winner with an artificial intelligence solution that helps educators customize learning for each student.

The award-winning project presents a hybrid approach in which computers and humans complement each other: some teaching or learning and the first ones automatically identifying common patterns of behavior during learning.

Digital tools to improve education

U-Planner, prize enlightED IE University, is a Chilean initiative that provides solutions and support for educational improvement with emphasis on the achievement of the strategic objectives of higher education institutions. This platform has the support of Microsoft, which recognized it in 2017 as its Global Partner of the Year in Education for its innovative work between academic institutions and students.

For its part, LingoKids, an enlightED award from Fundación Telefónica to the project with the greatest social impact on education, is a tool that allows eliminating barriers to access high-quality language learning, especially for children from two to eight years of age. The platform offers an innovative methodology to learn English through a fun didactic experience, through activities, videos, games and songs, and personalized, since the contents are adapted to the level of knowledge of each user. LingoKids is present in more than 180 countries, has more than seven million registered families and has maintained a year-on-year growth of 300% since its launch in 2016.

Spanish initiatives

The rest of the startups finalists had a high Spanish representation. Odilo, a multinational with a presence in Latin America and the United States, offers educational resources and online content for the different stages of education. Capabal, which has just expanded to Portugal, selects among the millions of online content those that best adapt to each user and thereby creates a personalized training plan. Global Alumni bets on the e-learning and they intend to take virtual and blended postgraduate education to a higher level thanks to technology. MyABCkit, based in Barcelona, ​​has created a personalized learning platform with the aim of changing education for children according to three principles of the Montessori methodology: individual learning, personalized teaching and learning analysis. Its platform promotes children to learn to read and write, as well as grammar and reading comprehension in an easy, fun and natural way.

Jonathan Zittrain, an Internet Law professor at Harvard University, said during the event that technology and large companies compete with educators. However the machine learning, or machine learning, is still imprecise and is very far from the values ​​and characteristics properly human.


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