July 25, 2021

Digital networks go on pilgrimage to the Islands to consolidate future experiences – The Province

Digital networks go on pilgrimage to the Islands to consolidate future experiences - The Province

Nearly two hundred digital nomads from 36 different countries have turned this week to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in its world capital.The election of the city for the celebration of this third edition of theNomad Cityit's not casual In fact, the Gran Canaria capital has been placed on some occasion as the favorite of these people who decide to settle at a point on the planet withindependencewhere the company they work for is based. They just need a good Internet connection to becomeremote workers

At ten o'clock in the morning of a holiday like yesterday, the empty chairs were scarce in the Sala Alegranza of the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium. The fatigue accumulated after several days of activity and as many night sessions of fraternization was dissipated by the dynamism of the speakers. The lectures were little like the usual ones. The interaction with the audience and the theatricality of the staging succeeded in keeping all the attendees awake.

Trish Kennelly appeared on stage alone, first ovation. He introduced hispartenaire,Andrei Beno -second ovation-, conductor of the method Get up and sit down. "Let those who have been in the city for more than two days stand up," he asked for the great majority of seats to leave the seat. "That they feel those who have not yet left at night," he continued and very few returned to the initial position between general laughter.

After five other interactions of that tenor, Kennelly and Beno were presented by fun photographs that projected on screens. More laughs From that moment, without abandoning the casual tone, they shed their vision on how a mobile tribe is built. Remote Year, your company, is dedicated precisely to enabling travel and work to be complementary and not exclusive actions. By the time they got to the most serious part, no one blinked anymore.

Referent in Europe

Messages adapted for those who flee from preconceived ideas. Long panels, only yesterday eight papers in the Sala Alegranza and another nine in the Chamber Room, and exhibitions of no more than twenty minutes with another ten dedicated to the questions. All fast and very executive. "Nomad City wants to become, in this third edition, the most important event in Europe on remote work," said the organization.

The Canarian public administrations have not missed this global movement as a potential factor in order to achieve a change in the direction of the economy of the Islands. The talent is common denominator to all of these people who decide to leave their place of residence, put their laptop and go anywhere in the world to develop their work. In the last four years, 10,000 of them have passed through the Islands, according to data from the Canary Association of Collaborative Spaces and the Nomad City organization.

The figures are increasing exponentially in recent times following the pace of technological advances and the boost to connectivity in much of the world, including Canary Islands. In the same way it does the time of stay, which in the Archipelago is currently in the four weeks. Of those who opt for the Islands, most are Germans (20%), followed by the British (15%) and Americans (10%). Among the most recurrent professions are programmers, graphic designers, responsible formarketingdigital,entrepreneurs, translators, journalists or content managers.

The climate and the lower cost of living are two elements that do not go unnoticed for theseremote workersIn addition, those who try, apart from repeating in many of the cases, become ambassadors that communicate to others the advantages that the Canary Islands present. Among them also the fiscal ones, so that there have already been registered cases of digital nomads that have decided to place their fiscal domicile – own or of company – in the Archipelago to be able to take advantage of the fiscal differential in all their amplitude.


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