May 26, 2020

Digital marketing, the indispensable element for your business




Today we will talk again about a sector that has become one of the most important factors in any trade, digital marketing, we will have with us 7 of the best companies dedicated to digital marketing in the country, such as CompuMarketing, Waukin Media, Quality Level, Nestrategy, Hugo Cotro, PresenceMe and iberoMEDIA that will help us better understand digital marketing and will explain what their specialties are within the sector.


CompuMarketing is an international digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and SEM services. More than 10 years making our clients grow. From our design and programming department we create optimized websites aimed at the conversion of objectives and a better user experience, thus creating the foundations of a sales and / or customer acquisition website.

We are experts in Google positioning of online stores (ecommerce) nationally and internationally. We improve your ecommerce by improving your conversion rate and, therefore, your sales.

We carry out online reputation work so that your business has good health on the internet. We improve your business image on the internet through social media and relevant sites. Improving your image for your end customer and loyalty your regular customers.

We are certified in Google Ads which gives us extra knowledge when creating and managing optimized and profitable advertising campaigns.

In CompuMarketing Our main objective is to look for the profitability of your business on the internet. For this we carry out a continuous work of optimization of your website looking for the different ways to generate income.

Request information without obligation.

Waukin Media

What does Waukin Media do?

We are dedicated to providing search engine marketing services to both service companies and online stores. Our strengths are Google Ads and SEO Positioning.

What kind of people is Waukin Media intended for?

We are oriented so much to pure player as a business with a physical sales channel. The omnichannel is a reality to the order of the day. We mainly work with small and medium enterprises.

And although we are based in Jerez we work with clients throughout Spain.

How important is the online market today?

I think that much more important than we are able to recognize. Currently the barriers between offline and online have been completely broken down and we are permanently connected.

To get an idea, each Spanish spends an average of more than 5 hours actively consuming content on the web. Which means more time than watching television or interacting with other people. However, advertising spending is only 37% according to the IAB. A figure that we think will grow even more in the future. And it is that still many SMEs are not aware of the possibilities of the digital economy.

Quality Level – Google Partner Premier

What is Quality Level?

We are one digital marketing agency specialized in the management of Internet advertising of the PPC type (pay per click). Above all, we work on Google Ads – Google advertising – but we also manage ads on Facebook, Bing and Adroll.

What does it mean to be a Google Partner Premier agency?

It is a recognition of Google to the companies that best use their advertising platform. Google thus highlights the agencies that handle large volumes of investment with great results for their clients. In our case we handle about 7 million euros a year distributed in more than 80 customers.

What kind of clients does the agency have?

We work for clients who make large investments and for those who handle smaller budgets. For us all are important. We are totally focused on improving your business figures, something that has provided us with long-term relationships with them.

How is customer service in an agency that works online?

Well, much closer than you think. We have a personalized service: you call the office and any member of the team answers you at the moment. In addition, we keep the client constantly updated with reports on their results.

Growing up on the Internet may seem complicated for any business due to high competitiveness.


After more than 10 years, we have developed a strategy based on Inbound Marketing and adapted to your business and its purposes to make it known through different Online channels and capture the attention of your potential customers when they search for your products or services on the Internet; thanks to web positioning in Google and local SEO, online advertising such as Adwords or Bing, presence in Social Networks and media … We create business opportunities that convert and build loyalty.

The involvement of our team with your business and the actions to boost it are real.

We are not a traditional Marketing agency, our Plus is closeness, so we include Marketing in House. It consists of spending one or several days in your business being one of the team to know in depth the management, the work system and identify opportunities. We want to give an effective response to your business needs and we know that the best way is to really know you.

Are you ready to see your business grow?

Experts in Inbound Marketing, Web development, Online stores, hosting and consulting. 100% of our clients obtain positive results thanks to the strategy and mutual collaboration.

Hugo Cotro

Digital marketing is a concept that should already be integrated into any advertising strategy worth its salt. But unfortunately this is not yet a reality for the thousands of companies that in our country struggle with nails and teeth to excel in an increasingly competitive market.

What is the reason why still have not implemented digital communication strategies according to the century in which we live? What fears prevent them from climbing the wave that others have already taken advantage of to boost their sales?

The education.

Business education that has not been updated since generations to the rhythm of a society in constant progress. And in my opinion, this is due to the fear of falling into insurmountable economic losses by focusing resources on digital media.

Ironically … Given that the losses are already suffering from not being precisely in those communication channels that cause so much fear. Why change the model when it has always worked well? For the simple reason that it is an obsolete, unusable and "carcinogenic" model

Wake up! There is no worse blind than he who does not want to see.


PresenceMe Digital Marketing was born in 2013 at the height of the era of online presence and digital transformation. The motivation, effort and continuous training of your professional team have been and are key in the undertaking of this business.

They offer complete solutions that make their customers have the online presence they need to be more competitive. For this they do SEO optimization, SEM campaigns, content marketing, internationalization and localization, strategies and digital consulting. In addition, they have the added value of working in several languages.

Your commitment to the client is to make your project a reality with a personalized and confidential treatment. They provide value and visibility through a work philosophy based on building trust and establishing long-term professional collaborations in search of excellence for their clients who are companies of all types, since they offer a global service.

PresenceMe He has seen his talent and effort rewarded with the award for the best SEO in Andalusia at the Marketing PR & Design Awards 2018. His professionalism is officially certified by Google. And of course they are backed by the experience and training in Digital Marketing, Data Science and Big Data.


How long have you been in the sector and what is your origin?

iberoMEDIA was born in 2012, with the mission of helping companies of different sizes to overcome the challenge of generating online demand. We seek innovation and continuous improvement of all our processes, techniques and tools and, to achieve this, we have a highly specialized team. In the constant improvement to offer the best to our clients and to adapt to their needs, we are proud to be able to say that we have created our own tool that allows us to offer great results adapting completely to the project.

What are the services that make iberoMEDIA a benchmark in the sector?

We carry out a detailed analysis of the needs and objectives of the client before starting each project. We are specialized in digital marketing and even more in the new methodologies that are based on intelligent software such as Marketing Automation. The control offered by the digital world through data measurement allows us to be much more efficient in the services we offer, and accurately calculate the ROI return on investment of our customers.

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