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Digital fleet management | Economy

Digital fleet management | Economy

They worked in companies such as Intel or Accenture, in the world of digitalization and software development, and abandoned their promising positions to embark on that uncertain struggle for survival in a sector as saturated as urban mobility. Iván Luarca, Fernando Martín, Daniel Díaz and Manuel González, two industrial engineers, a computer engineer and a Telecommunication engineer, are the creators of Eccocar, and believe they have found a virgin space in which to develop a good business idea. Since 2018 they have obtained 40 clients and 63,000 euros of turnover with the company that implements applications to efficiently manage (as Uber or Cabiby can do) fleets of vehicles. But in their case they focus on the cars of the same company, so that employees can share the vehicles available at any time and not, as is traditionally the case, with one car for each worker. "We have developed projects in Endesa, Prosegur, Cofares ...", says Luarca, 32, who together with his colleagues and family raised the 88,000 euros they needed to start the company. Another 318,000 euros came in the form of grants and have had the support of public programs such as the Galician BFA or private, as the incubator of Wayra, the area of ​​innovation of Telefónica. His first company headquarters was in Galicia, but they ended up flying to Madrid and now occupy a space in the Google Campus. "We do not stay in traditional fleet management, we provide carsharing solutions. Employees can access an application to reserve vehicles, open them with their mobile and share. This allows reducing the number of cars needed and optimizing their use, "says Luarca.

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He admits that they are aware that in Spain there are more than 2,000 car rental companies that may also be thinking of doing the same, but believe that they offer a very "analog" service, consisting of filling out forms and going from window to window. "With us, the client can reserve the car, make the user's registration through a biometric check system [verifican a través de una fotografía del carné y otra personal, que ambas coinciden], report the damages if there are any and make a digital contract that arrives to the e-mail to start the trip. " The collection system is also integrated, if needed.

The mother of the matter is that the advantages of this system, in the form of savings, compensate the expense in the implementation and maintenance of the programs. "You can reduce your bill by 30%, although it depends on what type of company you are. It is not the same the use of the fleet that an insurer can make to another of logistics ". The system always chooses the best available option (favors the use of the most efficient cars in emissions and consumption versus the least) and allows adding systems for employees to rent cars for private use at the weekend. His projects have already reached Chile, Mexico or Martinique. As it happened to Uber in the beginning, they do not have their own cars, and like the North American platform, they lose money. For now.


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