Digital businesses and diversification, keys to the future of Vocento

Luis Enríquez, CEO of Vocento, the president of Vocento, Ignacio Ybarra and Emilio de Palacios, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Vocento. / IGNACIO PEREZ

The communication group faces its new strategic plan with the advantage of not having indebtedness

Going deeper into digital business and increasing diversification into new activities are the central axes of the Vocento group's strategic plan with a horizon of 2026, after having overcome very delicate moments such as the economic crisis in the first half of the 2000s. and also the one generated by the pandemic declared in March 2020. This was indicated this Tuesday during the company's shareholders' meeting by the president, Ignacio Ybarra, and the CEO, Luis Enríquez, who stressed the idea that The company has a solid base to face the new plans: «The practically zero indebtedness with which the 2021 financial year was closed».

The plan that contains the group's roadmap for the period from 2022 to 2026 contains ambitious goals in aspects such as subscriptions to paid digital media -going from 89,000 at the end of last year to 250,000-; that the set of digital revenues goes from the current 37% to represent 60% of the total; that the generation of cash remains above 20 million euros per year and that the 'pay-out' -the part of the net profit that is distributed among the shareholders-, is around 40%. Precisely, the board approved this Tuesday the distribution of a dividend of 5.4 million euros charged to the profits of last year, which amounted to 13.6 million euros. "The improvement in profit and the differential position that Vocento has in terms of debt are the reasons that allow us to pay the dividend, which we have not done since the 2018 financial year," said the president, Ignacio Ybarra.

New projects

In the past financial year, there was a moderate recovery in income, within the phase of relaunching the economy after the restrictions on mobility imposed by the pandemic, which was reinforced with a containment in the expenses chapter, to close the year with a positive Ebitda of 45 million euros.


  • 5.44
    million euros is the dividend that will be distributed with a charge to the 2021 profit

  • Evolution
    Digital revenues will go from representing the current 37% to around 60%

In their speeches, both Ybarra and Enríquez referred to the enormous complexity of the past year and also to the start of 2022, since when the consequences of the pandemic began to be overcome and consumption increased, new difficulties have arisen. Along with the meteoric rise in prices, there have been major problems in the automobile production chain, which, they recalled, is a sector that usually invests heavily in advertising in the media.

In the chapter on diversification, the CEO referred to the forthcoming launch of a digital sports medium, the details of which will be revealed in the coming months, while leaving the door open to purchases and corporate operations in companies that may be attractive within from the red route of Vocento. He also recalled that the group has made an important commitment in this line in the gastronomy sector, which is going to have a new milestone with the start-up of an academic project, after an agreement reached with the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.

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