May 16, 2021

Difficulties arise in the last section of the tunnel

Difficulties arise in the last section of the tunnel

The team that works in Totalán (Málaga) to rescue Julen, the 2-year-old boy who fell into a pit on January 13, has decided to widen the open vertical tunnel in the face of difficulties for the casing tubes to exceed 40 meters deep.

The tubes do not exceed that level inside the tunnel of 60 meters and, faced with the risk that they may get stuck, it has been decided to remove them to preserve them in perfect condition, have informed sources of the Government Sub-delegation in Malaga.

Several options have been considered and the one that is considered safest has been chosen, which consists of filling the tunnel with fine earth and re-perforating it with a slightly greater thickening, according to said sources, who added that it is not possible to give a estimate of time and that this maneuver has already begun.

This new setback will cause a delay in the forecasts as the Mining Rescue Brigade of Asturias was going to start this afternoon to excavate a horizontal gallery of four meters that connects the tunnel with the well.

Last night the 60-meter vertical tunnel was finished, which from early morning had to be secured with a jacket so that the miners could safely descend into a cage built for that purpose.

The mining brigade, which requires about 24 hours to practice the gallery, has gone this morning to the command post of the rescue operation of Julen and awaits the moment to act.


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