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On November 18, the debate sponsored by Hyundai on “The Customer Experience as a differentiating element of companies” took place, organized by El Periódico de España and moderated by Iolanda Mármol, deputy director of the newspaper.

This meeting was attended by Daniel Solera, director of Quality and Development Network of Hyundai Motor Spain, Jorge Martínez-Arroyo, president of DEC, María Alonso, director of Customer Experience and Innovation of ING and Carlos Mascías, Medical director of the University Hospital HM Torrelodones.

New consumer model after the pandemic

Jorge Martinez-ArroyoJorge Martínez-Arroyo, president of DEC.

In a pandemic there has been a very important change in consumers, they have changed contracting channels, product categories or brands, the client has become accustomed to a higher level of treatment than before and now demands it in all sectors. “The companies that have known how to adapt are much more linked to the client, those that have not been left behind,” says Jorge Martínez-Arroyo. In this sense, customer service and experience has grown exponentially, “The customer prefers to do everything from his smartphone, do it fast, easy, in one click, without leaving home … the customer is now much more strict, compares experiences, wants to decide and his priority is to dedicate more time to his personal life ”, María Alonso tells us.

“Satisfaction is a necessary element, but it is not enough, there are thousands of our clients who are satisfied and now they are in the competition, now we have to go further”

Jorge Martínez-Arroyo, president of DEC.

The value of experience

Carlos MascíasCarlos Mascías, Medical Director of the HM Torrelodones University Hospital.

Nowadays people seek to have a good experience whatever the sector. “Products are becoming more and more similar, it costs more to differentiate themselves, so it seems essential to treat the customer in a different way” explains Daniel Solera. Society is having a change in mentality and we are increasingly demanding when we hire a service or purchase a product, even in the health sector. In health, patients do not have the ability to value a product, experience is valued: “It is true that in health it is a kind of island where customers / patients have a tremendous duality, on the one hand, they are customers of a lot of companies with a specific requirement, but in health they have a component of vulnerability that plays a much more relevant role than I would like ”says Carlos Mascías.

“I became a doctor to take care of people, not to prescribe drugs, the perception of health of patients improves as we treat them”

Carlos Mascías, Medical Director of the HM Torrelodones University Hospital.

Without emotion there is no purchase

Daniel SoleraDaniel Solera, Director of Quality and responsible for the Hyundai Customer Experience Project.

The customer experience strategy has become a true differentiator between companies, most of the basic advantages that companies offer, the customer takes them for granted and often does not receive them. “With the basic of a lifetime you make a difference, 65% of the sales teams do not say hello and do not smile” Daniel Solera.

“We are committed to only having satisfied, excited, enthusiastic customers … we guarantee not only the quality of the product, but also the customer experience”

Daniel Solera, Director of Quality and responsible for the Hyundai Customer Experience Project.

Customer trust is an essential element in the configuration of a business strategy, with increasingly volatile customers “it comes mainly from past experiences, those experiences validate the emotional part, the greater the emotion, the greater the memory” Jorge Martínez -Stream.

Maria AlonsoMaría Alonso, Director of Customer Experience at ING.

The key is in how you make the customer feel, as Daniel Solera explains: “Spaniards buy cars every 11 years, when the customer arrives with that 11-year emotion, you have to be able to respond to that emotion.” We are in the age of the battle of emotions, which is being played during the customer experience. “One of the fundamental things in our work is to try to awaken empathy with the client”, María Alonso.

“Society needs all companies to be obsessed with people, that businesses are sustainable but do so in a people-oriented way”

María Alonso, Director of Customer Experience at ING.

Customer Experience is not a department, it is an attitude

“The fundamental variable is whether the company’s purpose is really authentic and all employees believe it,” says Jorge Martínez-Arroyo. Working towards the achievement of a common goal makes employees feel fulfilled, often, especially in large companies, individual work can seem disjointed or irrelevant “or as María Alonso explains,” authenticity is that there is consistency in everything, that what you preach that you want to do with the client, you also execute it with the employees ”. The formation of work teams allows companies to align and group their employees to achieve a common goal. “Companies need someone who is constantly training employees and insisting on the purpose of the company. The customer experience is not a department, it is an attitude ”warns Carlos Mascías.

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