March 6, 2021

Differences of up to three euros in the price of the bottle of extra virgin olive oil in the supermarket


The consumer organization FACUA has detected differences of up to 100% (3.00 euros / liter) between the most expensive bottle and the most economical extra virgin olive oil, according to a comparative study on the prices of 42 brands in five supermarket chains and hypermarkets. Thus, a liter container of this kind costs between 2.99 and 5.99 euros, and the same firm can vary its price up to 75% depending on the establishment.

The huge differences in prices in the sector show the important savings that consumers can obtain if they compare before buying, point out from Facua. Likewise, the association demands that the Government and the autonomous communities carry out inspections on the qualities of the different brands of olive oil to verify that they conform to their labeling. Inspections that also demand on prices, since they ensure that in certain cases, large commercial areas use olive oil as a hook product and incur in illegal sales practices at a loss, which imply unfair competition and serious damage to producers.

The average price per liter of extra virgin olive oil is 4.62 euros in one liter plastic containers (9.65 euros if the container is canned); 4.70 euros in three-liter plastic containers (8.58 euros in cans) and 3.88 euros in five-liter plastic containers (5.45 in cans). As for the virgin variety, the average price per liter in the one liter plastic container is 3.71 euros; 3.89 euros / liter in the three-liter container and 3.57 liter in the five-pack.

The average cost of the liter olive variety mild (maximum acidity of 0.4º) in 1 liter plastic containers is of 3.02 euros, of 3.32 euros the container of 3 liters, and of 2.55 euros the container of 5 liters (4.38 euros if it is canned). For its part, the intense olive (maximum acidity of 1 º) is 3.09 euros in the container of 1 liter, 2.87 euros in the 3 liters and 2.47 euros in the container of 5 liters.

Comparing with the same prices of June 2018, the analyzed products have experienced, on average, a decrease of 12.6%. In the case of extra virgin olive oil in its 1 liter bottle modality, the average decrease was 14.1% (from 5.38 to 4.62 euros in 2019). In the 5 liter carafes of this product, the average price has fallen by 10.9% (from 21.59 to 19.24 euros).

The study of Facua made in Alcampo, Carrefour, Dia, Hipercor and Lidl, compares the prices of 153 products in plastic or tin containers of one, two, two and a half, three and five liters of varieties of extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and intense and soft olive oil. The visit to the stores was made on June 28, 2019.

The forty-two brands analyzed are Ábaco, Abril, Aliada, Auchan, Borges, Carbonell, Carrefour, Caserío de la Sierra, Conde de Benalúa, Coosur, Dcoop, Dia, El Corte Inglés, El Molino de Gines, Enoro, Fruto del Sur , Fuenroble, Germán Baena, Guillén, Hojiblanca, Iznaoliva, Jaencoop, Koipe, La Casería de Santa Julia, La Española, La Masía, Luque, Mar de Olivos, Molino de Huévar, Mueloliva, Oleocazorla, Oleoestepa, Olisone, Olivar Centenario, Olivar of Segura, Oro Bailén, Sierra de Segura, Sierra Mágina, Sunny, Valdezarza, Verde Segura and Ybarra.

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