May 31, 2020

Diesel is not the problem; the old park yes

The CEO of Repsol, Josu Jon Imaz, and the president of Seat, Luca de Meo, have agreed on the need to modernize the Spanish mobile park, in which 60% of the engines are over 10 years old.

“Ending those cars, diesel or gasoline, by other modern combustion vehicles would reduce NOX emissions (nitrogen oxides) by 90% and particles by 95%. Cleaning our consciences buying cars with Chinese electric batteries made in factories that burn coal does not solve the problem. Moving CO2 emissions to China or attacking diesel creates more uncertainty and delays vehicle purchase decisions, which adds to the problem, ”Imaz remarked in his speech at the XVIII CEDE Directors Congress held in Malaga.

De Meo, meanwhile, has relativized the weight of transport emissions, which account for 14% of CO2 pollution, and has reaffirmed the commitment of Seat and the entire Volkswagen Group with sustainable vehicles. However, he has asked the regulator to resume technological neutrality.

“We believe in the electric car because regulation forces us to do this, we have to believe because if not in 4 years we face millionaire fines. The problem is that citizens respond. The regulator also has to force more recharging points because 800,000 posts will be needed to supply one million vehicles and we are in 5,000, ”he explained.

The Executive Congress of CEDE also includes, among others, the executive president of Naturgy, Francisco Reynés; Malaga actor and producer Antorio Banderas; Chema Alonso, CDO of Telefónica, Paloma Peinado, vice president of Airbus Spain; the president of ESADEgeo, former minister and former secretary general of NATO, Javier Solana, and the conductor and composer Inma Shara.

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