Diego Urdiales, very big door | Culture

Diego Urdiales, very big door | Culture

Diego Urdiales made the bullfighting, the classic, the real, the one that excites and snatches; He explained in eight minutes the mystery of the art of a man in front of a bull, and as a reward he walked the glory of both ears, they forced him to turn the ring twice and on his shoulders they took him through the big door.

And what he said can not be explained; You have to see it and feel it. It is a matter of courage, intelligence, aesthetics, personality, sensitivity, inspiration, harmony … A mixture of feelings that demands that heaven and earth agree so that a work of art is possible. And when such an event happens, people enjoy, go crazy and feel something very similar to what they call happiness.


Bulls Ymbro Font, -the sixth, returned to injure a leg-, very well presented, astifino and varied and very interesting behavior: fierce and entangled the first, meek and lackluster the second; bravo the third; Nobly the fourth; meek and bronco the fourth, and meek and cracked the fifth. Sobrero de The Tagus, well presented and greedy.

Diego Urdiales: _aviso_ lunge _second warning_ (ear); Lunge (two ears and two rounds). It came out on the shoulders through the big door.

Octavio Chacón: low thrust (ear); prick and almost whole (ovation).

David Mora: puncture and lowering (whistles); deep prick and a descabello (silence).

Plaza de Las Ventas. October 7. Sixth and last run of the Autumn Fair. Almost full (17,364 spectators according to the company).

The miracle occurred in the fourth of the afternoon, a bull regordío, who did a very poor fight in varas, did not collaborate in banderillas and reached the final third filled with questions; but he found a bullfighter in a state of grace, and after two initial tandas of mutual knowledge, Urdiales took the crutch with his left hand, placed himself in the right field, very crossed with the bull, the cheating ironed, and a bunch of natural deep, emotional, beautiful, very slow and magnificently fastened with a long chest pass. And people rubbed their eyes because they could not believe it. There was another round with a beautiful low shot. And then, deep right, natural front and a final shot, knee to ground as a climax to a masterpiece.

What has been said: can not be explained. The truth is that the square kept a reverential silence when the bullfighter mounted the sword waiting for that essential rubric so that bullfighting is elevated to the category of art. Then came the dreamed lunge and general enthusiasm sprang up.

It was that noble fourth bull, with depth, rhythm and promptness in his onslaught, but he achieved high marks of quality because he met a large bullfighter.

Fierce and greedy was the first, with which Diego Urdiales fought with gallantry while raffled with sacrificed endurance strong gusts of wind that threatened to prevent the show. He looked for different terrains, and there in the sun he traced an irregular task, full of ups and downs, in which very bullfighters details, puffs of art, that do not abound and pleasantly surprised when they appear, stood out. They gave him a generous ear when he asked a bull that demanded something more.

Another very different but equally interesting film was played by Octavio Chacón, who had the worst batch, and who, in front of two very lackluster bulls, offered a recital of heroic courage, readiness, dedication, strength and firmness before the aggravated fights of his two opponents. For such reasons he walked an ear of his first and was respectfully cheered at the death of the fifth.

David Mora did not have bad luck with his bulls, bravo and enstado the third, and greedy the hat, but the bullfighter is not in his best form. He gave many soulless passes to his first, empty, empty, and said nothing. The bull was of great triumph, and the public reproached him. He tried before the sixth, but then it was already very cold and the bullfighter insisted on his vain attitude.


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