Diego Urdiales only offers details on his return to the monumental of Mexico | Culture

Diego Urdiales only offers details on his return to the monumental of Mexico | Culture

The bulls of Xajay were protagonists in the fourth run of the Great Season in La Mexico, since their game, as unequal as their caste, demanded the matadors who had different luck, according to Borja Ilián.

The Payo returned to finish in the infirmary of the Mexico for the second time in a row and could not fight his second horned of the afternoon, after suffering a strong blow in his first that is not serious. Sergio Flores cut an ear, and Diego Urdiales did a good job to his first. A quarter of entry was recorded.

The cattle were generally well presented, but it was very different behavior in the square.

The very stopped first had before Diego Urdiales who fought him with loose passes, with a lot of placement he stole ramming to put him on the crutch. From this laborious fretting came a tanda tied of two passes and one of chest of much temper. By the left python the bull had even less travel. Urdiales was effective with the rapier and the public thanked his serious task with applause that led him to say hello from the third.

His second bull started very well to the cap but after a strong rod seemed to come down and did not perform with the crutch. When attacking, he went with his face halfway up without humiliating or ending up passing, and Urdiales opted to subdue him with his left hand, where he crossed a lot. Then he played with the steels without achieving more than in some pass the approval of the public.

With whom he played in luck to El Payo, Diego Urdiales did not finish his bullfighting despite the caste that showed the animal since his departure. The Spanish bullfighter started the job very well with the cape tempering the output of the burel.

The horse, Xajay, pushed with greed and could see a good rod given by the picador Alfredo Ruiz. In the crutch did not finish to break, Urdiales did not find the rhythm of an onslaught that made thread with the bullfighter.

Sergius Flores had the two animals in front of him with the most definite attack of the afternoon. His first since he went to the capote showed his class by the right python. Flores repeated the same batch of crutches again and again without taking advantage of the bull's class. Only in one of them did Xajay take control that went to the slaughterhouse with many passes to give.

With which the bullfighter of Tlaxcala closed square always fought without link, or site, tarnishing the breed and the route of the bull.

He managed to impact the lines with help and passes through the back, plus some loose run finished with chest passes.

A good thrust after a puncture was enough for the square and the judge to consider it fair that the Mexican bullfighter added an ear to his statistics.

The Payo returned after his mishap three weeks ago that took him to the infirmary, and there it was again.

In the first one he had given to the doctor in the square, he fought with his right hand, left behind his crutch and the bull came to the body of the bullfighter leaving him battered. With difficulty he returned to the square and killed the bull.

Then he returned to the infirmary and stayed there until the end of the bullfight.

He highlighted, again, the subaltern Gustavo Campos who left a large pair of banderillas to the sixth in the afternoon and took off the cap to greet the lines accompanied by the banderillero also Fernando García son.


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