Diego Urdiales already has bulls for San Isidro and nobody has told him about hype | Blog The bull, by the horns

Diego Urdiales already has bulls for San Isidro and nobody has told him about hype | Blog The bull, by the horns

"There are bullfighters who fill squares and others who also fill souls".

With these excited words was presented the bullfighter Diego Urdiales before a very large representation of members of the Association El Toro in Madrid, with which he met recently on the occasion of his triumphal departure on his shoulders through the front door of the Plaza de Las Ventas in The last Autumn Fair.

There he told, for example, that he has already contracted his participation in the next Fair of San Isidro and elected the bulls he will fight, although he refused to reveal the names of the herds. "Let the company say so," he ventured. He added: "They have not told me about the hype", which is to deny the commitment of Simón Casas, a businessman from Madrid, to maintain in May the novel system used to make the posters in the last autumn cycle.

For two hours, the bullfighter 'locked himself' with demanding fans, cleared his bullfighting feelings, listened to many compliments and some indiscreet questions, was measured in his answers and, at times, not generous, sharp and dry with his guests. Although he did not go out the door in spite of the affection received, all the attendees thanked him for his presence, an unusual gesture among the current figures.

"Bullfighting is expensive mentally hard," according to an amateur

"That afternoon (October 7 in Madrid) I experienced one of the most beautiful moments of my life," said Urdiales. "I sensed the vibration of the audience and the intensity that gripped the plaza."

– So complicated is bullfighting, master? They asked him.

"Fighting in a certain way is very difficult. Many circumstances must be met, everything to flow, be your afternoon, the wind … Many days you do not get anything or fighting in the living room. There are tasks that mark a life, and this is because they are very few. What more would I want the public to leave every day crying from the square. "

From left to right, Roberto García Yuste, president of the El Toro Association of Madrid, Diego Urdiales and the amateur Alberto Palacios.
From left to right, Roberto García Yuste, president of the El Toro Association of Madrid, Diego Urdiales and the amateur Alberto Palacios.

-What did Huron, Fuente Ymbro's bull who cut both his ears, see him? A young assistant asked him.

-It made me hope since he went to the ring, but I did not know if he was going to 'break', as it turned out. Sometimes, you have to have patience. The task is a process of knowledge, and each one takes time.

Another amateur asked him to explain his concept of carrying luck and pure bullfighting, and the bullfighter's explanation was as follows: "For there to be bullfighting it is necessary that the throw and the muletazo be long; and you have to do it naturally, giving the middle chest or chest according to the distance, and try to reduce the speed of the bull. "

"I do not see myself as a bullfighter if you do not respect me and bullfighting"

"Thank you, master, because that afternoon we went out fighting in the plaza," proclaimed a supporter. "Never lose the aroma of an old bullfighter that you have," said another; "And keep fighting so slowly," he concluded.

"I try to do bullfighting as I feel it," replied the bullfighter, "as I have been taught, and that is my way. I'm fortunate for the amount of people who admire that way of fighting, and the feeling I have is that it came to him in a special way, and that's what's important. "

"Until you arrived we had seen many passes, but not to fight," said Roberto García Yuste, president of the association. "With the depth of his bullfighting," he insisted, "the hobby crisis that some of us suffered has been overcome."

Diego Urdiales confirmed that he will continue alongside his attorney, Luis Miguel Villlalpando; He denied categorically that he had refused to replace Paco Ureña in Lima ("that rumor seems very cruel to me"); was favorable to the reduction of the arena of Las Ventas ("I would feel more welcomed"), and described the system of drums as a happy initiative for a special fair like the Autumn, but not for San Isidro.

"You went out the big door after cutting two ears to a bull, as it should be, and gave two rounds to the ring as an extension of a success and not as a protest against the president for not awarding a trophy," said a veteran amateur. "His was a round triumph."

"Thanks to his way of fighting", -who spoke was a kid-, "the party has won an amateur and you a follower".

"Urdiales has shown that you can succeed with other encastes", -said another assistant- and not with the usual ones; you have done what other bullfighters do not. "

"It is important that there is variety," replied the matador. "But we must convince ourselves that there are farmers who raise bulls so big that they do not ram."

The fan expressed his dissatisfaction with this opinion and based on Valdellán iron has confirmed that the bull of 600 kilos can charge if you have caste.

Urdiales replied that no, that "that is the exception, and this is proven in all farms."

The president of the association intervened: "We do not want kilos or mastodons, but bulls with showiness and seriousness for Madrid. We like the Cinqueños, with strength and volume. "

"I do not agree," the bullfighter intervened. "We all want bulls with shawls, but that measure is not easy. They pack more bulls in their type than they are big, because most of them can not stand the excessive volume ".

The debate went up in tone and the president tried to settle the controversy: "Do not let the demand of the Madrid bull go down." And an amateur put the icing on the cake: "We look for the bull of his encaste and not trucks; the magic arises with any bull and we value the effort of the bullfighter in front ".

"It's a pride to have a teacher here and be able to talk to him," said another woman. And he asked: What can be done to promote bullfighting among young people?

"Maybe I'm wrong, but I see many young people in the squares," answered Urdiales. "I've seen old videos and they do not appear younger than now; I do not have a pessimistic feeling and we should be convinced from within that it is so. "

"The expensive bullfighting is mentally hard," said Alberto Palacios, the partner who introduced him to the audience. "Are you a bullfighter 40/50 bullfighting or not?" He asked.

"If I am or not, no one knows because it has not happened so far," the bullfighter answered. "I do not think about the number of runs, I do not like to talk about numbers because I understand that art is at odds with statistics. Every afternoon, when a call occurs and my agent closes a contract, the most important thing is that it should be as it should be. I stayed out of the last San Isidro by my own choice, because the offer was not up to my circumstances. I do not see myself a bullfighter if he does not respect me and bullfighting. "


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