Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Diego Matamoros charges against Big Brother for defending his wife Estela

GH VIP 7: Limit 48 hours
He lived several reunions. The most anticipated was that of Diego Matamoros with his wife Estela Grande. Kiko Matamoros' son was the last to see his wife in a situation that he did not expect at all. Diego thought he was going to support his partner, but when he saw that he was joined with Kiko Jiménez and Sofía Suescun has exploded.

Matamoros has not hesitated in lash out and charge against the organization of Big Brother VIP for what he considered a “Authentic bristle”. And he reproached them for doing something similar with Adara and her boyfriend.

Diego Matamoros and Estela Grande meet again in 'GH VIP 7'

Diego Matamoros and Estela Grande meet again in 'GH VIP 7'

“Listen to me, I'm here. I'm here with you, gordi. There is nothing and no one to separate us”, Diego Matamoros said to Estela Grande as soon as they hugged each other. Then, already seated, the guest tried to update his wife on the situation of Kiko Jiménez and Sofía Suescun.

“The other has not told you the truth. Do you know that he got into the confessionals to say he was in love with you? Do you know that uncle came out and said that what you wanted was to make a folder? I trust you, but these shits have been doing everything outside. I hope everyone finds out. I've had them very fat with this shit., Laughing in my face on the sets during the videos”, He related.

In addition, Matamoros has also strongly criticized the organization of GH VIP 7 because "I did not agree to go up for this," when meeting with Kiko and Sofia. "It seems like a sow what you have done. I hope this is also done to Adara with both of you. I have come up to support you and tell you that I love you, that those videos that you have seen are from a long time ago. I've had a terrible time but you don't deserve this. “, He said very angry.

"I had promised to see my wife but not this fucking shit. And on top of that you have not put the video that you had to put on this scoundrel, ”Estela's husband repeated. To which Carlos Sobera settled the issue with a: "It doesn't seem right to me to say that the chain has been harassing you during these weeks."

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