Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Diego Matamoros asks now to save his wife Estela

Things in Big Brother They don't understand pauses, all emotions are taken to the extreme. And we don't just talk about what goes on inside the house of Guadalix de la Sierra, but also of the people related to the contestants and who follow the reality from the outside, with more or less anguish depending on the case.

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One of the plots that is starring in this year's edition is the one that has to do with the special friendship that Estela Grande, wife of Diego Matamoros, has lived inside the house, and Kiko Jimenez, the couple of Sofia Suescun They have had such an obvious approach that their respective partners consider their respective relationships.

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Among them there was no kiss, but there were some caresses and confessions under the sheets that have not made a pinch of thanks to their respective partners. With Kiko out, the tension between them has shifted out of the house, but if someone seems to be suffering especially this situation is a Matamoros who has come to affirm that he is going through the worst moment of his life.

The son of Kiko Matamoros He has come to publicly consider the possibility of divorcing Estela and in recent days he no longer goes to the set to defend her, claiming that he has a strong anxiety crisis and is sunk. A little less than a week ago I wrote this message in your account Instagram: “Fuck… why did you screw this up? Time will separate us or bring us together, but what a shame to throw something so beautiful for something so cheap and empty. ”

That is why he was surprised that in his last history of the same social network the young man took advantage of the publication of another person to demand that his wife, nominated this week, be able to stay at home, in a defense that is new regarding his attitude. last days. The publication asks that Irene Junquera be voted as the next expelled, assuming that Adara has more support and that Estela's future will be in the duel she has with the journalist.

Diego Matamoros has asked on his Instagram to save his wife

Diego Matamoros has asked on his Instagram to save his wife

Waiting for that to happen or not, on Tuesday one of the three is saved and on Thursday the final expulsion takes place, we will see what the attitude of Matamoros is now that Kiko is out of the house. Will the two young people have a meeting to talk about what happened at home? Will Diego go to Sunday's debate to send a message to Estela as his wife has demanded from inside the house? Will there be reconciliation between them or is the relationship doomed to break?

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